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Second battery/bigger alternator for 1997 Camry 5SFE


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Hi all (again...)

So I am planning/saving up to install a fairly large, high quality sound system, and suspect the load will be too much for the electrical system (power "spikes" with the beat possibly dimming headlights, etc), which is not ideal especially since I also plan to install driving lights and occasionally towing a trailer... I am planning to remove the airbox and replace it with a pod filter, and put a second battery in its spot (and put a bigger "primary" battery in if there is still too much load - I do a lot of country driving, so want headlights as bright and reliable as possible, obviously...). However, I suspect I will need a bigger alternator, and would prefer to spend as little money/time on this as possible, as I don't have much of either... So does anyone know of a bigger alternator that can be bolted on and supply enough current for this with a minimum of modification (and hopefully money...). Also, any other input/advice etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Regarding the pod filter. Are you going to box it and have air feeding into it from outside the engine bay?

Why not just run power to the boot and have a sealed battery. If you are having an amp then you are going to have to run power anyway so I think you will be better off having the second battery in the boot with the amp.. leave the airbox as it is.

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Other than sound, pod filters have little to no advantage over the stock airbox, sometimes they even sap power.

As far as the sound system is concerned, you may even benefit with running a larger deep cycle AGM battery in place of the stock lead acid. Without knowing specs of the system it is hard to recommend a solution.

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