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Tyre pressure

the dane

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I agree Kesawi. 40psi is the minimum pressure I run to get decent tyre life. In particular front left cops a hiding from roundabouts. So keep tyre pressures up!

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Yep, recommended tyre pressures are for a comfort ride. I've been keeping mine at 40psi for the last year and have noticed significant increases in tyre life and fuel economy, and no noticeable difference in ride comfort - then again, I drive around Sydney which has the worst roads in the Commonwealth!

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Not sure if it is that relevant but all the replies have been from owners with the larger wheels and the low profile tyres(KX-S & Grande). Not sure if the OP has the KX-R 2013 which has the 17" rims and the higher profile tyres?
I have the 17" rims and used the 40 psi pressure for the past couple of years but lately I dropped it to 36 and I notice that it grips better when cornering and has slightly less slip in the wet. Definitely a better ride and steering at 36. I might go halfway and try them at 38psi for a while.

My dealer did recommend 40 psi but when they did the 10k/k service some dumbass there put 60psi in them...  not impressed.

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