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Corolla sportivo newbie. Info wanted!!

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This is my third toyota my first was a 4runner with a 3.8 conversion the second a camry ''which i still have'' and now this rolla.

What do i need to look out for with it?? Its done 100000 now and it seems good, The clutch and gearbox are fine but i have my doubts about them after reading up on some issues others have had.

I love driving this car the motor really surprised me. That lift feature snaps on nice for a little engine, You can really utilize it for fast overtakes and just general fun.

Oh and my names Raph i live on the sunny coast of QLD. I build guitars for fun and have a small family here.

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Welcome Raph..I am sure you will get Ideas on here..

Enjoy the Sportivo and nice work on the "axe's" as well love the work you do... Thanks for the photo's keep us updated as to your rolla


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Thanks i have many more guitars haha.

Do we have any other corolla sportivo owners on here? I looked through a few pages of complaints about gear shifting issues and that was my main reason for seeking advice on here.


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Welcome mate!

With the gearbox, just don't use the gears to slow down or downshift into low gears at high speeds i.e. 80km/h in 5th then into 2nd. The boxes aren't the strongest ever and will not last if you do that.

Any issues changing in lift from 1st to 2nd can be solved with a master cylinder clutch adjustment, if the clutch isn't worn down.

PM me if you need any help mate.

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