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1MZ-FE Genuine Oil Filter


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Anyone know if 90915-YZZD1 is the correct genuine oil filter/part # for the 2001 Camry V6 ? Is there a high capacity filter available & what part # would that be ?


Cheers all :)

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Not a fan of Ryco. Z418 appears to go for about $9 ea & the ST version for double that again. Not sure I could get better if bought in bulk but I know I can get even better prices than these for the OEM if I get a box of 10 which is what I plan on doing. Not sure my local dealer is willing to party otherwise the net will provide what I'm after @ a great price.


I will check with my parts man for details.

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Ryco reference number is Z418; Z418ST for a longer life filter.

If you are wanting a higher capacity filter, I would check the specifications/dimensions for Z418 and then search the Ryco Catalogue based upon the filter's thread 3/4-16-UNF-2B


Best to make a list of likely possibilities, then visit SuperCheap or AutoBarn etc for a visual filter and price check.

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Looks like you are as price sensitive as myself. Sakura oil filters @ $5.65 @ Sparespro.com.au

Orders over $100 are free delivery. I have used this seller and had no problems with the Sakura oil filters.



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I get what you guys are saying & I'll suss it out for sure but my theory has always been Toyotas are great because of the quality of the sum of it's parts & mechanically I like to use oem parts where ever possible at the best possible price of course ;)

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Managed to get a box of 10 genuine Toyota 90915-YZZD2 (the correct part#) for the 2001 MCV20R @ $105/box which I'm pretty happy with.

Also bought some oils & Ryco parts for a power steering & ATM flush & refill from these guys - http://www.alliedautomotive.com.au/ @ good coin too ;)

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