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2018 Imported Camry Aurion Models


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After reading the following article http://www.caradvice.com.au/494956/2018-toyota-camry-spied/, I started to think how many current Aurion owners would be tempted to change over to a turbo 4 cylinder Camry.

Personally, I have preferred a non-turbo engine mainly because of long term reliability. Turbos are nice until something goes wrong like a blown seal then off to the workshop..

Also less stress on the engine and 6 cylinders engines shouldy have a better life expectancy than 4 cylinders before having to do a rebuild.

Always reminding myself that 2000 rpm in the Aurion is the equivalent of 3000 rpm in a 4 cyl Camry.

Absolutely love how the 2GR-FE engine responds for overtaking on the open highway so less time overtaking, safer driving. 

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I also read and saw a few articles covering the new camry..I for one wont be doing a thing..I love the secure smooth powerful beast ..as most do on here it is very well maintained..We love our Aurion..and since no major manufacturer wants to build their cars in OZ anymore..I will continue to pour love on what we have and enjoy the reliable years ahead


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