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MR2 Spyder Vs 86 service cost?


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I'm interested in buying a mr2 Spyder or Toyota 86. When i look at the MR2 Spyder engine bay, it looks tight, so im wondering will this result in a higher cost to service the Spyder over the 86?

If, i buy a spyder i would most likely do a SMT to manual conversion.

also, ( not considering the price of SMT to manual conversion) I would like to know would it cost around the same to replace a clutch on a spyder vs an 86, or would it cost alot more, since the engine bay is so tight.



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Tight engine bay is absolutely going to translate to higher repair time/costs. As for servicing costs i.e. oil and filter change, maybe not much of an issue depending upon accessibility to the oil filter and drain plug. Also consider accessibility to the spark plugs and coolant.

For servicing access my 4cylinder 1998 Camry is an absolute dream compared to my 2006 V6 Aurion. To replace the Aurion water pump, you need to remove the engine but there is a workaround to jack up the engine instead. Replacing the rear bank of spark plugs involves a bit of dismantling of the intake.

Overall, good factor to consider for the purchase decision. Personally, I prefer stock standard rather than conversions/modifications so I would be inclined to go for the 86 $$$ permitting.


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Flat 4s are also a pain to work on.

Probably similar over the life of the vehicle in terms of costs.

There used to be a lot more support for the conversions, but that seems to have slowed a little since Road and Track closed down.

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also forgot to ask what the insurance cost is like for a spyder vs 86?

because the below site says:

Insurance companies tend to be wary of sports cars, and this Toyota is certainly a full-on sports machine of the type that makes insurers nervous.


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If the MR2 had a 3S-GE or 2ZZ-GE then I'd maybe consider it, if 3S-GTE probably get it in favour of the BR86, alas it does not. Get the BR86, it's a far better sportscar than the Spyder. The last of the SW20 was the best MR2 imho.

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