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Eibach Pro-Kit Springs


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Hi there Camry Owners,

just wondering does any1 know where they sell these Eibach Pro Kit Springs?

if so how much am i looking for a set of these paid cash?

fitment car is '04 Toyota Camry Sportivo 4 Cyl.

I have a quote from the Managing Director of EIbach Australia and wait for this:

We have a Pro Kit for suitable for Camry V30 lowering the car 30mm from new car height. The price for this kit is $530.00 Plus GST freight and handling (and thats pick up)

Pick the kit up from Warriewood; the price is $583.00 including GST

The Pro Kit Produced in the USA are also sold as the TRD Kit in Germany the kit is sold as the TTE Kit the kit we have in stock is from Germany.

I personally think thats a bit hefty unless some1 knows for sure how they cost i aint gonna sweat a whole lot bout it.

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yeh a bit pricey.

right now i have the sportivo springs installed and cosmetically doesnt look that low at all

so i wanted 2 op for the equivilent of the TRD springs.

as if sum1 would fork out 600 bucks on springs and then get them installed put u up 4 bout 800-900 all up.

might as well get headers done.

hmm king springs. well i would consider it but gotta research more on it.

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Hi, I've a Eibach kit springs on my E12 corolla with Bilstein shock absorber!

I'm very well with this arrangement.

The curve's stability is much improved, and the aesthetics is good!

Here in Italy the spring's cost is about 310$ (270€).

But a few corolla driver had installed the TTE springs, also very good.

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