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Security Breach!


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I had some guys try to enter my garage couple of days before. I managed to scare them off with some of my crazy ninja tactics (and not get hurt in the process - which is always nice) so I decided to get more light and some cameras around the house and in the garage as well. 
Some people in my neighborhood use security cameras and say it is a cheap but good solution. What do you guys think I should get?

I really do not want anybody touching my Corolla when I sleep or watch football!

Much Love!

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Just hearsay but nothing like a good guard dog as an effective deterrent.

Otherwise, plenty of lighting with motion detectors and cameras that cannot be easily interfered with or disabled. 

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Totally agree with Ashley about a guard dog, nothing like a large angry hairy beast to make people think twice about trying anything, I added more sensor lights with motion detectors attached to them at least gives you some light to see if anyone is about..some mates use motion cameras as well placed high up which record on movement but always comes down to money you can afford ..


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may I suggest you research these I purchased mine at Bunnings for $119 each. Gives you access from anywhere via your phone or pc in live / real time. Timer to turn on / off the light or light on with movement detected. Cloud access recording for free for previous 24hrs also low cost access for longer periods. Too many features to say here. Check them out. They look like a para flood light but have some high tech features. 

Sengled Snap Smart LED Light And Wi-Fi Security Camera

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