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Tyres for 2008 Camry

Jude M

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Hi ,

     Can anyone suggest good tyres for 2008 toyota camry altise. I was using continental and it got over after completing around 35k.






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Hi Jude, Tyres are a very personal thing to a lot of drivers every one will have a different opinion..it always comes down to a few things..1:Money ..what you can afford...2: your driving style like how many KLMs you drive and what sort of driver you are, where you drive like what the road condition is like ..3: how well set up your car is as in maintaince of brakes, steering, wheel alignment etc..so to ask for a tyre that others use is going to be tough to answer..try and find a good tyre dealer who is maybe having a buy 3 get one free offer there are always bargin tyres available but in the end it is always what you can afford to pay as to what tyres you end up with

Good Luck


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Plenty of different opinions in the following thread.


Most important thing to notice is that only well known quality brands are being mentioned.

My personal criteria is for a touring tyre with excellent braking performance in the wet. 


Never be tempted to put budget priced tyres on your vehicle.


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On 6/30/2019 at 4:10 PM, campbeam said:

Never be tempted to put budget priced tyres on your vehicle.

I agree 100% Never compromise yours or your family's safety to save a few bucks. Not that this would be the O.P.'s intention of course. I'm just saying. If a tyre is selling for say $135 and there is a slightly better spec one at $165, I'll pay the extra knowing I have the peace of mind of the better tyre.

Ashley also pointed out a very good point in that it has to be good in the wet weather too. Very important. Do your research.

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