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Engine codes but no check engine light


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Recently bought a 2008 Aurion Sportivo. Ran it with an obd2 sensor and found a couple error codes (shown in image below). The check engine light was not on. The car is also consuming a fair whack of fuel, 14L/100km with regular driving. Has anyone else ran into these engine codes, if so what is the severity and how much would it roughly cost to fix them? I did a google search but I'm a bit unsure as this is my first car. 



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I can climb up to 14lt/100km if in heavy stop-start traffic and if I'm maintaining a bit more of a lead foot throughout and that's also down here in Melb. The official consumption rating for the 40 series was around 14lt/100km for city driving if I remember. 

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2 hours ago, Noodle Boy said:

I can climb up to 14lt/100km if in heavy stop-start traffic

You have to also remember to refresh the meter as it will read incorrectly after a given time. In my 50 series I have a "disp" button on the steering wheel which resets the fuel economiser gauge. Not sure where you'd have it on the 40, if it even has one.

14lt/100klm is not unusual either. Stop start traffic will do this. If it's getting this kind of mileage on highway runs then there is something to look into for sure.

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