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Help needed auto trans problem

2000 Camry

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Hi guys, my 2000 2.2 csi auto Camry has just started to shudder downshifting when I start to come to a stop. It’s really annoying me it’s like the car doesn’t recognise it’s about to stop. Eventually the revs drop and nearly stalls the car before it goes into first gear. Going up gears is fine it’s just when I come to lights or a stop it shudders and hesitated to shift down. 
I have tried adjusting the kick down cable with no difference. The oil was changed 2000kms ago I cannot find a similar problem online at all. Very strange. Any help is welcome thanks guys 

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On 2/22/2022 at 7:56 PM, 2000 Camry said:

The oil was changed 2000kms ago

Do you mean the auto transmission fluid ? 

Ashley mentioned checking fluid level. Perhaps it is low and not to the correct level or the wrong fluid has been used. These auto transmissions are pretty reliable and will protest if they've been either abused or not serviced correctly.

It should have Dexron III in it. You're lucky in that your tranny has a dipstick so you can check the fluid level quite easily. Check when it's hot.

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Drive at least 30min in & around town rather than fwy as you're inclined to get more heat soak into the tranny faster, then park it on flat garage surface & check whilst it's running. Check the dipstick 3 or more times to confirm level & adjust.

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