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central locking system not working

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I had to get a new key for my Toyota from the Toyota dealer which was $500 and was told they couldn't get the central locking part to work because the (computer thing ) in the engine that it works through has died and a new part would cost me $900.00 plus labor. this seems outrageously expensive to me, I have a key that now doesn't do what it is supposed to do. does anyone have any suggestions of cheaper options.


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I would take the car to an alarm installer or auto electrician and ask them. I don't believe that about the ecu(computer thing). I know from experience that some keys need only to be near the chip in the steering column, to deactivate the immobilser, there is another chip inside the key, Unscrew the screws in the key and it will open up you can see what's inside. The actual metal key just unlocks the steering lock in older cars and engages the starter. (New cars use a start button)

If the old key worked the central locking and the new Toyota dealer key does not that means they haven't coded the key properly. Get an expert second opinion, if they agree Toyota messed up I would try to sort things out with them. If you have another original key see if it operates the central locking.

My Corolla sportivo has an alarm fitted to it, so to lock and unlock the car, I can just use the alarm button fob on the keyring

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3 hours ago, chrislb said:

I don't have the original key, thats why I was getting one the only other key I had was/is an ordinary key, I will try an auto electrician.


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