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  1. my taillights are at auction dbay...cheers cam

  2. i'm glad someone else likes modern vans, was looking at an iload crewvan for the best o both worlds crew n lugging loads around pics look smiCK ok cheers cam
  3. ooooo they look real smiCK mate well done and all the best if yu doppin her cheers cam :) ps did the wheel n tyre package cost a lot and were both sauced from the us ?
  4. hi guys ;0) just letting you know these are now on auction dbay still pickup only cheers cam
  5. wow cheka on pole...fantastic superpole

  6. real nice car brad cheers cam
  7. gitten hard to footy tip correctly of late...with 3 grand up for grabs i NEED teams to win GODDAMN! ;0)

  8. i quite like the look of the stivos...something a little diff around the ***** end looks good imo with the body kits n things it's still a great value sedan with that engine n tranny me thinks....i hope sales pickup with this one so we all maintain some sort a choice in large car segment in oz without breaking the bank....nissans entry into motorsport next year will add some excitement around the place cheers cam
  9. read a great reveiw for the new camry hybrid today...says its top notch n much better etc

    1. juvenile


      I've heard good things too

  10. good job jin :) i found a marked reduction in road noise when i had my coilovers put in i spose different tyre/wheel combos makes a diff here anyways nice job regards cam
  11. enjoy yu break regards cam
  12. 7 outa 8 footy tips right ;0) thats how t start the week

    1. Noodle Boy

      Noodle Boy

      great effort. which match did u get wrong?

    2. diamond white

      diamond white

      melbourne got beat by brisbane in the second half

  13. car looks great luke :) hows the vinyl roof decal holding up? did you consider carbon fibre? I'm looking around for a decal of somesort myself and am just getting info n stuff at the mo anything you can tell me would be kindly received regards cam