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  1. Perfect condition. Taken off my ATX. Tungsten Colour. Contact 0411 698 191 - I dont check this site very often Cheers
  2. Selling a brand new lip spoiler that will fit the Aurion model 2006 - 2011. Not painted. Fibreglass. $40. Pick up in Melbourne SE suburbs preferably Clayton or Hampton. Message me for any questions. Cheers guys
  3. Maybe not the solution you're looking for, but a possible solution if you're interested. I pulled apart my bulb holder and wired white LED strips into the casing. It lights up pretty damn bright, but looks nice. How it solves your problem is: if its just the casing, then you can still use the wires. But check to make sure it isn't the bulb itself (ie wires not matching up)
  4. If anyone wants these done in Melbourne, VIC: Please PM me :) Not sure about matching price for $40. I usually do them for $70. This can include a 1 meter strip of white LEDs for your boot though!
  5. I have Pedders springs installed for about a year already and currently on 150000km. Shocks still no problem.
  6. Not really answering your question, but would like to help. If you can't find a Sportivo body kit, theres always a lip kit option :) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/130823123034?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_500wt_1288
  7. Saw private number today on Warrigal Road :) You just can't miss his car lol
  8. Never thought I would have to post here.. but today I just experienced a very similar problem :/ It happened in the morning on a cold start. The noise goes on for not even one second. It sounds like if you put a marble in a tin can and shake it vigorously for a split second. Hope somebody finds a reason for this!
  9. Just don't break the clip... I broke mine and ended up having to glue the whole cover back on.
  10. Not as bad as yours obviously.. but this just happened to me last night. zzzzz a tow truck swiped me while i was parked on the nature strip :/ the guys excess is $2.2k LOL!! Police had to be called because he became abusive and was refusing to give details. As if anyone would say "I hit your car, what the f*** are you gonna do about it mate?" :/
  11. I have one sitting in my garage which you can have for free if you like!
  12. Just thought i might add onto this thread, I am also hearing a bad knock in the front driver side. I only hear it every time I go over something very sudden (so sudden small bumps and not always speed bumps), its like the sound you would hear if you clapped your hands hard under a thick blanket (not sure if that was a weird description). Its been getting more frequent because sometimes I wouldn't hear it at all if i went over a little bump in the road but now I hear it almost all the time. I don't hear it in the passenger side :/ Sometimes I get a similar noise when I turn my wheel while stationary (to park etc) but only sometimes. The car is lowered with Pedders springs. It only started maybe 5 months after installation.. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers