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damo's ae82 twinky


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hey guys and gals this is my ae82 twincam hatch..here is some pics and info about the beast..ENJOI..

year and model: 1988 ae82 hatch(series 2), white

engine mods: fully rebuilt 4age bigport, stainless CAI, Unifilter pod, iridium NGK plugs.

gearbox and brake mods: standard 5 speed with custom short shifter and exedy heavy duty clutch, ae92 gtz front brakes.

interior: sw20 mr2 leather front seats, various interior trim painted white,black leather gearboot cover, front power windows. :yahoo: central locking and alarm system

mags and tyres: csa 15inch mags, some no name ghetto spec tyres lol

stereo: kenwood mp3 head unit, mb quart 3 way splits up front and mb quart 6 inch coaxils in the rear.

exterior: black fuel filler cap, tinted tailights,black grill, shaved door locks, HID headlights..dont really wana upset the squarish lines of the 8-2.

suspension:whiteline 22mm rear adj. swaybar (for now :) )

some pics for you :)











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thanks guys..yeah i dont wana upset the look of the car so i think il just get some subtle looking skirts and a lip for the front bumper just to keep it going..hopefully be getting it resprayed at the start of next year..still uncertain on what colour i want..

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my head gasket blew out on me not even 10,000km after i rebuilt the motor NOT HAPPY stoopid ACL crap!!

so i used a Toyota head gasket and ARP head studs:










and here is a pic of the modification you have to do to the dizzy because it interferes with stud (its a bit blurry sorry)

basically you have to grind away the end of the dizzy shaft on a bench grinder because it is a very strong metal:


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Guest fujiwara_tofu

u used toyota gasket。。。 Oh Very good idea。

Did u use the standard or TRD gasket ??

For my smallport i noticed a TRD 0.5mm gasket made a noticabal difference ~~ Like from idle to redline it felt better。。

Ur car is amazingly clean by the way :)

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yeah i used a ACL when i rebuilt the motor and not even 10,000kms done and it leaked oil under the dizzy area..i thought it was the dizzy but i rebuilt it when i did the motor..i only used a standard Toyota head gasket..i would've liked to have used a TRD one but i already had the Toyota one.i was going to use a Cometic MLS but was skeptical as i have already skimmed the head and block..it runs way better now..thanks for the comments :)

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i always wanted to take the door protector strips to give the car a much smoother look so i bit the the bullet.yesterday was pretty much just getting the black adhesive strip off and to day i removed the glue.







glue removal..i tried Acetone, Wax and Grease remover and Methylated spirits.out of the 3 the Metho was the best to remove the glue.what it looked like after (still need to cut and polish) :



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