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Stupid Pod filter!!!!

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So yesterday i was driving along down at shellharbour and i start hearing this clunking noise up front when i'm taking off, and like something was rolling around..

Anyway i was pretty worried so i pulled over to check things out.. Turns out that my filter has fallen off the CAI and also fallen to bits!!!

Its a Hurricane EXS filter, where you can exchange the insert with a "racing mesh" insert etc, its held on by a nut/screw thing and i can only assume this came loose causing the filter to fall apart..

Oh and yes i know i shouldn't really be using the clamp thats holding the filter(probably problem #2), its held up for the last 8 months but i suppose i'll change it now..

So i pull apart my car to see this, the filter just sitting there off the intake -


thats the lid and the screw/nut thing that go on top of the filter above^^ -


and this is a farkin stick that was sitting right next to the filter!!!!


I think i am very lucky i hadn't been hitting lift at all yesterday, as i didn't know how long the filter had been off for(i'm hoping only yesterday as it was on when i checked on thursday).. Reckon that stick could've launched itself into the intake if i had've been hitting lift at all? I know its only a little stick but i have NFI what would happen if it got sucked into the engine and i dont wanna know either..

Anyway just thought i'd show you guys what happened to me yesterday.



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Dunno whether lift generates that much draw in to actually suck that bolt up, BUT...

...t's ok now man. Nothing bad happened. Get yourself an ITG filter when you can ;)

Few of the other guys here in the ACT9's are using awesome filters as well though. Hopefully they'll stick their head in and give some advice.

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whats this ITG filter your guys are talking about??

Sounds like i will be buying that or a drift filter, as i'm sure there won't be a screw/bolt on the top that will just come loose and make the filter fall apart whilst i'm driving lol

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ITG FTW!! From memory they are about $180ish last time I got a price on one. Easy to clean and work very well. Big advantage they have over others is the alloy bell mouth built into the bottom of the filter where it slips onto the CAI pipe. It breaths over a large surface area as well.

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thats the lid and the screw/nut thing that go on top of the filter above^^ -

Loctite FTW!!

I didn't actually think of that..thanks!!

I think i might just grab a drift filter for now, and then when i get some moneys i might get one of these ITG's, i did a google they look pretty good!

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Whats the difference with the ITG???

I was told the DRiFT would be quieter than the TRD filter, but I think its just as loud, and its louder when she comes up for oxygen when your down shifting.....

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