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Loss of accel power

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Driving across to Narrogin (country WA) a couple of days ago, I encountered a strange one:

Whilst cruising at 110kmhr, the tone of the engine changed very slightly, and I felt (I think) a bit of a twitch through the accelerator pedal. Noticing this, I tapped the accel pedal which would normally see the car jump from, say, 110 to 120 quite quickly, but instead the response was dismal. A very slow increase in speed, and the car seemed to labour to it. I pulled over, swtiched off, checked fluid etc, no overheating... nothing. Started up again, and the problem was gone. Hooray!

A few hours later, same thing happened again - lost accel power. I came to the crest of a hill, put the car in neutral and coasted down. At the bottom, back into gear to accel out, and everything was fine again.

Addt: I also checked the air filter

So, any ideas?

BTW, I was privy to a few laps around the speedway there and hit 160 at the top of forth (was a slight decline tho).

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This sounds like what mine is doing down low intermittently , can you still engage lift???

Lift is working perfectly, but there was no chance of hitting it during these two 'attacks' unless I dropped to 2nd or 3rd, not that I tried.

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Toyota humoured me and checked for any error codes. Car is in perfect health. No issue with fuel quality or delivery either.

So it may be as Superthai said - fuel saving mode (never knew it had it!). However, this did not happen crossing the Nullarbor. Anyway, since I will be doing the 200km commute regularly, I guess we will see if it happens again.

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I find that If I've been driving it gently for a while the response and power is not very good.

But if i've been driving it hard then its response and power is much much better.

i notice that too if im jut cruising it for a bit then decide to go hard it doesnt seem to perform the way it would normally.......weird

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