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Insurance Premium, how much are you paying?


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You *****! (I meant bas-tard) :lol:

I pay $850. $35 for windscreen and $20 for hired car protection. AAMI. $500 excess. Rating 1. Over 30 in good suburb (I think).

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I drive a KX-R am Rating 1 and pay $638 . The car is insured through Shannons and includes 1 free windscreen per year. We do get a discount as we have 3 cars insured with them (10% from memory). I shopped around but no one could come close!. Budget Direct were the 2nd best price but that was closer to $730. I believe I can only go with Shannons as we have an old Chevrolet insured through them (they specialise in classic/custom car Insurance) though that rule could have changed.

I am also a lady driver though not sure if that works in my favour or not :P .

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gee that's really good rates for people in Perth and Hobart.. I have mine with NRMA in QLD and i paid $623 annually and it includes any window replacement.. AAMI only covers front windscreen.. i have rating 1 but i heard bad reviews from my manager on NRMA as they will screw ur premium up big time if you ever made a claim even though they said they will protect your Rating 1 for life.. I'll juz try them out for a year becos they were willing to charge me the same premium for additional audio mods as well..

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Hey guys, i was going to raise this before i purchased, but i found alot of companies charged $1000+ for rating 1 comprehensive insurance.

Anyone found this was the case? I paid $774!

Wow, AAMI is screwing me 1,100pa (Grande) with 500 excess, Rating 1, over 30 with multiple policies. Toyota quote 1,150.

Who is your insurance company?

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The suburb is very important in Melbourne for AAMI. I am in inner Eastern suburb around schools. They tend to be the safest areas for insurance (except Hawthorn).

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I'm paying just over $1000 through Aus Central credit union (CUNA). But is because partly used for business use. Which is also reason for $500 excess.

Two stories:

Not long after taking delivery.

Had a tree limb drop from a tree we were parked under. Cracked the passenger side mirror mount (barely noticable). Cost of new mirror assembly - around $320 at cost from Uncle-in-laws dealership. Verdict: llive with cracked mount. Slight vibration but you'd have to look hard to spot damage. (And it was a big limb - tough toyata plastic!


Just this afternoon.

Unloading and setting up market stall at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Neighbouring stallholder drops steel pole onto front fender. Small but horribly noticeable dent. Much swearing. Sadness. Time to call in the insurance people! Will keep you posted on trauma to come.

Picture of our market stall. We sell the famous Star Lanterns :)


Hmmm, small dent on same side and close to mirror damage.....

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AAMI is mine, rating 1 for life, <30 (well im 30 this year...)

I guess some got better, never actually called those other companys, under $500!!!!! WOW i didnt think it existed...

Tasmania should get higher premiums as when they drive over here in vic, they cause more accidents... LOL just kidding guys

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Grande 2WD $680, Sydney, no prior accidents, no points lost on my license, good suburb and wait.....put my wife on the insurance this made a huge difference. when i spoke to NRMA they said women have less accidents.

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Gee I had no idea that where you live can make such a difference on your insurance :o

I used to pay $500-odd with AAMI and now pay $700 for unlimited mods with Shannons for my WRX. The quote operators used to tell me that it would be ~$2k in Sydney and also require a sat' tracker.

We're now finding out how good NRMA with claims. Some lowlife abandoned their trolley in a local Kmart car park and it ran down the slope and into the side of the Kluger damaging the LHF and LHR doors. ****holes. :angry: I blame Kmart for not having a coin deposit on their trolleys so they get left strewn all over the place, and the car park has a sloping topo'. NRMA seemed to be pretty good. They are going to chase the property owner Centro (bwahaha) for the damage but don't know if that includes our excess or not. I have approached Kmart to make good and strangely enough they have asked for more details and the quote, but not holding my breath about getting any money out of them.

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I have a 2003 CVX - I am only 21 and pay just $660 with a $500 excess. ..

What is the name of the compay? My son is 24, rating 1 (carrying some "good will" from me) and paying nearly 1000 for his Vienta Grande (my ex-car).



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When I bought my KX-R in October 2007, my previous insurer for the last 10 years (Budget Direct) couldn't match NRMAs $370 with $500 excess (maximum no claim).

This October however, NRMA sent me a renewal for $420; a rise of around 20%. When I complained, they finally admitted I had been on a "special rate" to attract new customers, and had now reverted to the normal rates. (I notice that their billboard advertising which initially got me in, now says "for new customers only".

I looked very closely at the NRMA policy to see what extras one gets for ones money, and noted it didn't include windscreen, which going by my driving record of no claims in 30 years, would possibly be the only thing I would claim.

So I went back to my old insurer and got a policy for $340 ($500 excess). I added the windscreen because I do a lot of country driving and the rocks from trucks are numerous, and paid an extra $54 with $40 excess.

So the bottom line is $394, with windscreen on maximum no claim. In our 50s living at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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For my KX-R AWD 7 seater, from memory about $600 with NRMA with combined policy discount. Full replacement in first 2 years of car's life if written off. This is for Sutherland Shire in Sydney. I was always insured with AAMI and got a good rate previously, but they were going to charge about $850! :o

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