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My Dualcab Lux and Aurion


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Ok heres my first ride its a 93 ln106 dualcab lux

I use this car as my work vehicle/daily driver once engine conversion complete


1UZ-FE Quad cam V8 mated to

Prado 5 speed box

Exhaust is 2.5" from headers to y section then to 3" single mandrel bent exiting in standard position

33'' Cooper Discover Stt's

2" parabolic lifted front springs

2" standard rate rear springs

2'' Self made Extended shackles

2" Self made Body Lift

Tough dog 9 way adjustable shocks

ARB Steel Winch Bar

2 x HID headlight inserts

6 x Lightforce 240 blitz spotties (2 on bullbar, 4 on roof bar)

Gme tx4400 uhf

Gme 5 watt handheld uhf in glovebox

Jvc headunit

2 x Alpine 800watt amps

2 x tweeters in dash

2 x 6'' splits in front doors

2 x 6'' splits in rear doors

1 x 12'' sub in box on back seat


Stage 3 Snake Racing Pro Rock Crawling suspension kit which consists off:-

2'' extended shackles

2" lifted front springs

4'' lifted rear springs

2'' Dropped front crossmember

X-over steering setup

Extended brakelines

Rear traction bar

Front shock hoops

Rear U-Bolt flip and shock mount kit

Custom long travel Rancho RS9000 Adjustable shocks all round


Front and rear lockers

Long range fuel tank


35'' muddies

2" wheel spacers all round

Custom rear tyre carrier and bar

Custom rock sliders




Next to an almost stock triton


Beach posin


Heres my family car missus uses this one for work and the family drives

2007 Toyota Aurion sx6 Sportivo

Mods so far

Lowered pedders springs (about 45mm) and camber kit

18'' Rodney Jane Racing Chrome Storm rims

2 x Stainless rear lukey sports mufflers

2 x Pioneer Amps one running standard speaker off standard head unit and other running

2 x 12'' pioneer box mounted subs in boot

mods planned

Cat back exhaust mods and maybe new sports cats for noise more than anything

Some underbonnet tidy up work stuff like custom engine spash/air intake sheild, battery box and painted engine cover.

New 6x9 speakers in front doors and rear shelf

and some sort of headlight upgrade

Pretty much the day i got her lowered and all


At home with my girls


My hobby/addiction

1 x Suzuki LTR 450 quad


Full yoshimura exhaust system

Yoshimura pimm unit

Yoshimura plug and play fuel map adjuster

Pro design airfilter

Excalibur +1 wider rear axle

Douglas wheels

Maxxis tyres

Brand new


Reachin for the skys


2 x KTM 450XC Quads

Mods my bike

Race cut fenders

Redesigned muffler for power and noise

Open up airintake and rejetted

Mods planned

20L fuel tank and 15L nerf bar tanks to do finke desert race 09

Ohlins steering Dampner

Mods missus's bike

NONE haha



And winnin


enjoy cheers


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haha cheers guys yes lucky, in debt bigtime yeah lol, but i wouldnt change it i need to have fun its just my fun seems to be quite exspensive i spose im lucky my missus loves it all too luv ya babe haha

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me too i used to have a commo v6 powered lux (its in the background on one of the pics) and that used too sling mud really good.

the only thing that missed of the mods to do list is a Roll cage i reckon that might move to the top haha

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Oath bloke, my mate had exactly same model with a 1JZ-GTE in it, we used to smoke ol daigo mate in his BMW etc, was ******en hilarious to see the look on there faces :lol:

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it used to funny doin it my commo powered one especially when in the wet it would smoke the wheels for about 15m's and stile beat them haha hmmmm wonder if the v8 will do it in the dry only one way to find out

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys just a bit of a disappointing update as of tuesday 2nd december both my 2008 ktm 450 race quads pictured below were stolen from the aj towers in Darwin from the basement carpark.

Carpark was suposedly secure with a swip tag style rolladoor but its down fall was the fact that it only had pool fencing as its surrounding on the south side which was too easily unbolted and they removed a whole panel therefore pushing both quads away.

So far no leads but the stupid coppers (no offence to coppers that actually help) didnt even come and finger print my car which was parked less that 300mm away from them (just enough to open door and get in).

Nothing else was stolen from my area i have 5000 grand worth of tools sitting right behind the quads to the point were they had to manovoure around it to get them out plus all my race accseories and a full set of geniune aurion sportivo wheels as well obviously they only wanted one thing.

Both bikes were chained twice although only galvinised 12mm chain and 2 big padlocks, it didnt even make a difference just bolt cutted thru the lot.

Bikes retail at $15,000 each so right now some **** wit is riding around on $30,000 worth of race quads, and to top it of we are up for $3000 to cover the excess on insurance although better than 30 grand still has screwed my daughters, missus and my xmas good and proper.

My daughter (5) was extremely upset and was balling her eyes out worried on who was goin to ride with her when shes on her bike now mine are gone.

At the end of the day when and if i do find any of the ***** suckers that did thieve them ill promise them/u i will break there legs and maybe even there necks to the point were they cant even scratch there **** anymore. I promise u.

Thanks guys for reading my bitch but it ****s me to tears when thats my hard earned cash gone with a click of my fingers and the worst part was seeing the little one cry.


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Mate that is really sad to hear. Some people have no idea about the consequences when they are doing this kind of $hit. It hurts to hear about how your hard earned has just been walk right out of a 'secured' area. Hurts even more to hear bout your little one being torn up bout it. F***heads :angry: :angry: :angry: And just before Christmas :o


I'm sure these c0ckheads will get what they deserve. At least no one was hurt.


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cheers guys for ya comments

im hoping (and this might sound a little harsh to some people) but i hope they die when they crash them its the only thing that will make me and my partner feel a little happier

anyway ill see how we go keep ya's posted



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sure is i mean if it was mid year yeah it would have still hurt but not as much as now as everyone knows all bills come at xmas.

we are goin to sydney for xmas to stay with the inlaws and now we have $3000 less in our spending money which only leaves us with about 2000 which doesnt go far between 3 people and the holiday costings.

it just not cricket

we did have abit of a lead on the weekend one of my mates reported seeing one of the bikes wheelie past his house so i was out there faster than the shirt went on my back but other than seeing some tyre tracks that couldve been ours (prob about 100 bikes with the same tyres) we didnt witness anything else.

we got about 5 residents saying it was a race style quad but u dont know until u see sometimes.

we searched all weekend thru the bush and the street still nothing in that area,couldve come from 30 odd kms away so back playing the waiting game again.

09 was gonna be a reasonably big season 4 me as i was entering the finke desert race and doin as many national meets as possible and if i could get the sponsors the aussie safari but not gonna have a season at all now theres no way i can afford 2 new bikes and entry and travel to each race.

oh well atleast i get to save money this year


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