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OK this is how it works....

someone writes a date and you have to post what you were doing on that day LAST YEAR! (hehehe see it can be hard) and once done you write down a random date for the next person to use sooo... ill go first... using todays date

14th NOVEMBER 2007

i was on a plan on my way back from bali! extemely drunk!!!! hehehe

date for next person

16 MARCH 2007

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27th January 2007

Day after an awesome Aust Day (Bondee you'd sooo remember this!!) Hence it been a saturday, im pretty sure it was filled with more drinking and partying!!!!

next date

6th September 2008

i sooo remember! i remember waking up and seeing how i cut kims hair!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

its 2007 dates lovely

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15 March 2007..... Thursday so would've been an easy day at work, broken up by a lecture in the morning and a tutorial in the afternoon. Thank *** I'm not in that job or studying any more.

20th August 2007

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20th August 2007

Easy, was my birthday and I specifically remember it since it was a bad day at work due to a major corporate action.

Didn't get home until well after 11pm after starting at 8.30 in the morning :angry:

1st April 2007

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To Conquest: Damn, it sucks enough when you need to work on your birthday, but that sounds plain horrible.

This whole game has become an opportunity for me to reminisce for a bit. In one way or another, I have some form of reminder as to what had happened on a specific date, whether it be from a blog post, camera phone photo, or SMS archive (yes, I keep them all). For this one on 1st of April 2007, I remember it being a lazy Sunday since being a Woolworths night filler, I worked the whole night before. I used this day to create my MySpace (yes that may seem geeky), then had to head to work around 6:30pm for a full night of work. I even blogged about it (spelling mistake included):

Finally (Posted 5:09pm - Sunday, April 01, 2007)

After many months, probably more than a year, I finally got around to creating my MySpace. At the moment, I'm still toying around with everything to fine tune it a bit better. I only started putting some more serious work into it as of a few hours ago, but since I have to get ready for work in a moment, I probably won't be able to work on it until tomorrow sometime.

You'll notice that I don't have any photos yet, and that's because I don't like being in photos. So for the time being, you'll just have to live without until I get somethign sorted out.

Next date: 28th of May 2007

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On the 28th May,

I was thinkin 'Sigh*..Monday again.. Cbf to do any work.' I was also thinkin the day after would be the 29th and Tuesday.. :lol:

Ok Ok.. 'Once evry 4 year' day..

Next date:

29th Feb 2008

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16th January!

Ooooooh huge day..... I got offered my new job (**** you IT! I get a company car now bitch!) and my lil bro flew out to Sweden for 6 months of studying Biotech and macking on hot blondes.

EDIT: *****...... umm new date...... err...... 24 June 2007

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