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Genuine Toyota Accessories Prices


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Hi all, just a quick question here

how much does it cost to purchase and fit the side steps?

I was quoted the following by the dealer I bought my car from.

1. Genuine Toyota Sidesteps: $911.65 (GST Inclusive)

2. Genuine Toyota Rubber Cargo Mat: $ 91.15 (GST Inclusive)

3. Fitting Cost: $150

Are these reasonable prices?

Would be great to hear from you guys!

BTW love the car! Though I wish the car has more storage space like the Gen1 variant.. I use to have heaps of places to stash my stuff!



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The dealer quoted me $933 fitted for genuine sidesteps at the time I bought my car a few months ago.

Check out SpeedRacer's after market side steps. They look very good and are significantly cheaper than the genuine Toyota side steps.

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Thanks for the input guys!

I'm still wondering if I should go ahead with it.. or choose to do it during my first servicing..

$1k for the fitted mud guards is really excessive for me.. especially given that I've always gone to them previously for my car servicing.. you would expect to have some goodwill discount there...

In addition, I wouldn't say my trade-in and sales transaction was smooth too...

The sales person was pretty incompetent! :(

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you would expect to have some goodwill discount there...

The sales person was pretty incompetent! :(

The sales persons are more than competent to get every single last cent from you as that is the way to make a living. So there are no such thing call 'goodwill' with them.

Check the tips from the post "Kluger Price". Go to see the dealer during your day off - spend at least 3 to 4 hours with the sales person; who will (have to) give you the best price.

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Paid for mine at point of purchase of the vehicle.

Gen Toyota parts

Price includes GST

Rubber cargo mat $93.50 and worth every penny.

Side steps $825 fitted

two rows of carpets free

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