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Side LED Indicator Mirror Cover for ZRE

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Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone knew if we could get the Side Mirror Indicator Covers for the ZRE Corolla Hatch. Or atleast if anyone knew if for example, maybe the Hilux / or even corolla sedan (ZRE) mirror covers would fit the ZRE Hatch. Been searching around, and the closest thing i could find was the corolla sedan mirror covers on ebay from the US. But i am not sure whether they are the same size or even if they will fit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

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I know its easy to take the cover off.

If I go by what I have done on my Nissan, I had to pop the mirror lens off to get the cover off of the mirror housing, so are you saying it's the same on the ZRE?

I would also need to remove the door lining to run the wires through to the fender indicators, so will have to experiment a bit and see how many screws are there that hold the door lining in place.

It would have been good to have the service manual handy for the ZRE, but I guess I will try and figure it out as I go.....as I have done with my other cars ;)

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i dont know about the mirror lens. but i know the body coloured cover, facing towards the front of the car, is easy to take it, just pry off with your hands.

but good luck with the install. hope all goes well.

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Hi Guys,

Operation LED Mirror Covers for the ZRE was a 100% success and it wasn't any diffirent to the way I fitted these LED Mirror covers to other Nissan's apart from removing/unclipping the factory covers from the outside as rez mentioned.

They have been colour coded to match my Wildfire ZRE and are working perfectly well.

I will take pics when I wash the car, as I don't like to share pics of dirty rides LOL :)

Will also take daytime and night-time shots for you all.

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Hi rez, as requested, I just went outside and took some pics for ya :)






These mirror covers are a direct replacement of the factory housing cover and have integrated (built-in) LED module in them which light-up when you signal to turn and are visible from the front, side and rear of the car. For someone driving behind you, they will see the edge of the mirror flashing amber indicating a turn.

Fitting them was quite easy, well, for me anyway, as I have done similar mods on many Nissan X-Trails.

You just need to pop the factory covers off, then remove the door lining (held by 2 screws only), unplug the wiring that goes to the window motors and then unclip the corner tweeter from its place.

Once that done, you will see 3 nuts holding the mirror base to the door, remove them and unplug the mirror wiring harness and the whole mirror housing will be in your hands. Turn it upside down and you will see 3 torx screws which you need to remove as well. Once that done, you can start feeding the wires of the LED mirror cover to follow the existing wiring of the mirror. Put the mirror back in place and then attach it to the door of the car.

Once that done, feed the wires through to the fender indicator and splice the wiring of the indicator to give power to the LED mirror covers.

Test the operation of the LED covers by turning the hazards on and enjoy watching them flash.

That's about it.

I think I've seen these LED Mirror Covers on the Aurion and I reckon they're exactly the same shape and size as the ZRE. (to be confirmed)

Tomorrow, I will post pics of them operating in daytime.

Group-Buy Guys? hehehehe :)

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Hi Guys,

The cost was $199.00/set (unpainted) and I had them colour-coded locally for $35.00

As I deal with many manufacturers overseas being an Nissan X-Trail fanatic, I approached one of the manufacturers in Taiwan who previously sent me the xtrail mirror covers and sure enough, they had ones for the ZRE which they asked me to try.

I will check if they make them for the 2005 model.

If you're interested in acquiring a set of these LED Mirror Covers, drop me a PM.

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They are a JDM option for the hatch either colour coded or chrome


Unfortunately the link only goes to the facelift but as chrome is an option one would guess that colour coded was a standard

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