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I'm furious !!!


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Well, a couple of months back, I was asking about Alarms, - afraid of some kids or otherwise of trying to steal the car....- and did end up installing an alarm for its protection from theft. Now, as much as that is a deterrent, I'm wondering is there anyway to protect it from malice, and vandalism - In the last month, - the backseat passenger window had fine sand thrown at it with strength enough to mark the whole thing, - that when you're sitting there looking outside - all you see are tiny spots - about 30 or so of them. - can these be repaired - how! would it cost an arm and a leg! But most recently, - this morning I walk to the car to find a flat tyre - without any punctures - I replace it and take it across to the gas station for a quick pump, only to find that it's been cut (close to the rim) at the top part with a knife - blade or something, - that it deflates immediately fast - straight through when it was pumped.

Is there a motion sensor alarm system that if you approach the car, - it'll zap the crap out of you, - with a sign appearing all across the car, - reading "walk away for your own safety or face immediate electrocution to your death you sad ******!"

It seems that owning a car in sydney has a lot of negatives - aside from the city-rangers with their profiteering parking-rule antics of the city and if your residing in an apartment building constructed after May 1996 - you are not eligible for a parking permit - you also face the wrath of the bum-idiots-never-been-raised-with-a-brain people that have fun of damaging people's cars! WT is the logic!

any bad experiences that can pale mine so far??

first car, semi-new-car, - damn sad for it...

venting :blink:

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Damn. You case sounds pretty serious. If you car has to be parked outside, you should probably invest on a good surveillance camera.

As for the alarms, the type of sensor you would be looking for is a microwave sensor. These can get pretty sensitive, so setting them up is critical. Then that way if you have a dual stage alarm, it will give warning and then if they continue, it will go off full blast.

Your statement reminds me of those old car alarms. Using the microwave sensors as well, if you got too close to it, the loudspeaker will say something like "Stand away from the car" etc.

As for your window, there isn't too much you can do. You can try a class polish to try and temporarily relieve the issue, but ultimately the only real way to repair is with a new window. My front windscreen is sandblasted from all the trucks I've followed etc. Under full sun, it's looks like I have grains of sand all over the windscreen. Replacement is my only option.

Sounds like you need this:

Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load!
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Thanks fellas for the moral support. The guy at the service centre checked the tire - the ******* stabbed it with a screw-driver and with it being to the side renders it unfixable (illegal to fix).

cost to replace the tire - $320, - there goes..................

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i can sympathise with you, having been 'keyed' three times on my car..

all panels save the roof has been spared..

and tire slashed once..

was wondering the serveillance camera option.. any advice?

is there a unit which is placed on/within/with the car? and can monitor in the dark?

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