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Either as a sticky in Wheels and Tyres or as a seperate category. Members list the type of tyre, (eg Pirelli P-Zero, Bridgestone Adrenalin, unknown dodgy brand from Taiwan to be affordable on 20's) the size they used (205/55/R16 or205/30/R20), vehicle it was used on, the km travelled, style of driving (perhaps set categories of highway, suburban, inner city, track and hooligan) and their thoughts, possibly even a rating out of 10.

There is a site that does this but it is European and so the results are a bit unrealistic for here (a lot of people were getting less than 20,000km from their tyres or driving French Oil burners) and it had very fewentries for the Auris. If it were a seperate category it could have a seperate topic for each type of tyre eg an Adrenalin topic just for views on the Adrenalins

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Tyre name: Yokohama S-Drive

Made country: Japan

Size: 225/40/18

Vehicle: Corolla ZRE

KM traveled: 8,000kms

Style of driving: 20% highway + 80% suburban

Rating: 8/10

Review: Very quite tyres and very good handling on both dry and wet. The tread life is very good after 8,000kms driving (Rear still got 90%). The weakness would be too expensive.

Tyre name: Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II

Made country: Taiwan

Size: 225/45/17

Vehicle: Corolla ZRE

KM traveled: 10,000kms

Style of driving: 20% highway + 80% suburban

Rating: 7/10

Review: Bang for your buck choice. Cheap, good handling and not noisy. Tread life is alright after 10,000 kms driving + few mountain runs. Dont mind to use again.

Tyre name: Bridgestone Adrenalin RE001

Made country: Forgot

Size: 205/55/16 + 225/50/16

Vehicle: S2000

KM traveled: 15,000kms

Style of driving: 50% highway + 50% suburban

Rating: 9/10

Review: The handling is superb on Dry road! Not really good on wet (or is it the problem with the s2000?). Have them for nearly one year on my s2000. The tread still last about 40% after 15k maybe because more highway runs and my driving style. Would buy again if have money. :lol:

Tyre name: Michilin Pilot Sport

Made country: Forgot

Size: 205/45/16

Vehicle: Renault Sport Clio

KM traveled: 35,000kms

Style of driving: 40% highway + 60% suburban

Rating: 9/10

Review: Super handling. Super quite. Great on both wet or dry. Tread life is good after 35,000 kms (only 2 tyres reach the warning knob after many hard driving). Use these tyres to drive past 230 kph on highway and still handles. Would buy again if have enough money. (The size above cost $389 per corner)

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^ wtf is that statement about ?!

if he/she did that on a deserted road i dont really care what speed he/she did, but wishing someone getting injured like that is worst than a scum...

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Use these tyres to drive past 230 kph on highway and still handles.

I don't care if I get banned for this but I hope the next time you achieve this that you crash and become a paraplegic.

May God bless you by cursing someone because the curses always goes back.

Everyone have dream. I had a simple one. DRIVING a vehicle in 200kmph when i was 20yo. 300kmph in 30yo. 400kmph in 40s. 500kmph.........well, we will see how technology goes.

230kmph is first time and the only time i went past 200kmph when i was 20yo. It was in a "extremely safe road condition" and thanksful i had a good car to achieve it.

I am planning to do the next step of 300kmph in German already. Rent a Ferrari 430 and do it on Autobahn (If i am not rich enough to buy one lol).

Risking my life? Yeah maybe I am risking my life but in a good/undercontrol condition. I never push hard on hills or something stupid because i am scared to crash it. I know where my limit is. This is much better than street racers or unskilled drivers (those whom think they are safe drivers) doing ridiculous driving behavior.

I have had 8 cars in the last 6 years, Honda Civic EG, Audi A4 1.8T, Lexus RS350, Renault Sport Clio X2, Honda S2000 AP1, Toyota Yaris YRS, and Toyota Corolla Lavin ZR. Non of them got ACCIDENT!

So now STFU and back to the topic. Which tyre is better to go pass 300kmph? lmao

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