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More Torque From Sportivo


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Hi guys,

Looking at the forum i see there are a few upgrades mentioned, i read a topic that said to get the headers ported.

Does anyone have rough figures on what the improvment will be and roughly how much it is to have done?

Im planning on doing this and the TRD CAI would this get the torque close to 200nm?

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Hi there,

If you want torque, don't get the TRD CAI, as it actually costs you power below 3000rpm [is very nice on the slap into lift though] comapred to a stock de-snorkled airbox. If you must have a CAI, the CES CAI feels better at lower RPMs, so I would recommend it if you want to feel the torque at low RPMs. Injen CAI perform the best in the top end, but I have no idea how they are at low RPMs...

Anyone can port headers, but there is some debate as to how well. :P I found that ported headers made the car feel like it had a 2L when putting around. Note that ported headers accentuate the already pressent hiss you get when back off the throttle on over-run [coasting]. It always bugged me, but then I loved the extra torque the headers gave too.


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I want the lift to be as loud as possible, when it comes on i want it to sound like the end of the worlds coming. haha

I dont think the hiss will fuss me, not much of a downside of having improved torque esp if it makes it feel like a 2ltr.

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If you want a good deal more Torque, Power FC + tune, with I/H/E is the way to go. Just go rob a bank so you can afford it.

Planning for a new ECU early in the new year myself. Want more low end torque!

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If you want more torque down low then don't bother with the CAI. If you want more power up top and heaps of noise then a CAI is the way to got.

I would probably just get the header ported and call it a day...but then again look at my signature...I'm missing ported header, which will soon be listed as well :lol:

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