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Goodridge Braided Brake Lines (ZZE12X)

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Hi TOCAU members :)

This is a Group Buy for Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines for the Corolla ZZE12X.

Quick Information

Item: Goodridge SS Braided Brake Lines (Set of 4 lines)

Part Number: ZZHD1290-010

Suits Vehicle Make: Toyota

Suits Vehicle Model: ZZE12X Corolla

Suits Vehicle Year: 2002-2006

Cost for Item in purchase currency: ~$125 USD

Exact Date of Order Placement: 16th July 2011

Estimated Price for Postage to Melbourne: Will vary depending on quantity ordered

Estimated Time for items to arrive: 14-28 days

Ebay link

These are 100% genuine and made in UK in their Goodridge factory.

These kits have a life time warranty and are ISO9002, TUC and TOT (UK equivalent to Vic roads) approved.

Goodridge stainless braided brake lines are ADR APPROVED, meeting the requirements of D.O.T. and T.U.V. making them street legal for use on any road in the world.

Why use braided brake hose kits?

Whey eliminate sponginess under heavy braking

Increase braking efficiently

And are abrasion and corrosion resistant

They come with full instructions for install.

Please confirm your interests by the 9th of July 2011. Exactly one week will be allowed for people to pay the full amount in my bank account (these details will be given via private message). The full amount will be finalised after I get in touch with my supplier. No promises for discount pricing but already at this price, they are a steal! Please be aware that import tax may be applicable and is at the Australian Custom's discretion. To aviod unneccessary bitching, I will post the import tax reciept (if I do get taxed) on this thread.

Goods will only be mailed to you once postage is finalised and paid for. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The kits will be sent to you will be through registered post if required.

Thanks guys :)

List of interested People:

1. Kenshin X (mel)

2. stock (syd)

3. Clifton (syd)

4. d.n (mel)

5. thegourou20 (mel)

6. anfyy





post your interests here

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alright guys updated the list. i spoke to the guy and he finally replied. he will get back to me with the details with his boss once he talks to him :)

keep the interest coming!

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ok these idiots at "zenaracing" on ebay are pi$$ing me off... he first tells me that he is ok with it and now his boss says i'm too much of a "risk" to do bussiness with me. wtf?

i'm looking for another supplier, these guys look really shady to me.

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hey folks, just an update.

those idiots at zena racing, while they have a 20,000+ pt rep on ebay. doing this group buy through ebay i think is way to risky. they are charging me 145 for each kit delivered but through the many emails and late replies, i've decided to not go ahead to buy from them.

now. i've got good news and bad news.

the good news is that i've found an Australian Distributor for goodridge brakes and they quickly responded to my enquiry about these brake kits for the sportivo. they can get them in. they said they this part number is an american one and that it may take 2 weeks to arrive here in australia. no biggy. :clap:

now the bad new is this. SINGLE kits will cost $230.75 + $10 postage :o expensive!!! HOWEVER if 5+ people buy these brake kits they will bring the price down to $177.50 + $12/number of people buying... NICE :clap:

so provided that there are 5 or more people willing to buy this group buy will go ahead!

now you are probably thinking "oh its 30 bucks more expensive" yes it is, but by the time i order from the hk mob, the customs will charge an additional customs tax on top of the total cost and the headaches with this group is not worth it. let alone brining my rep down too. also.... SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES!!! :clap::yahoo:

your call guys, the more buyers we get the more cheaper it is! ;)

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ok another update... there was a misunderstanding between me and the guys in hong kong, now we have established a mutual agreement that the parts can be discounted for me. i am now going to order them from their shop. I will most likely be using DHL/UPS/EMS registered and signature required delivery and tracking. so you can be assured that this will be delivered to my door in the quickest possible fashion.

the price is final at 125USD a kit which is a bloody bargain!!! this does not include postage and what not and i'll ask them to write on the box in such a way that we dont have to pay any import tax when it reaches australian shores ;)


when i get the chance i'll post the whole convo we had on ebay so you guys dont think i'm bullsh#tting :P

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ok so I have a final price of 125USD+25USD postage for each set of braided lines.

these will be sent via DHL Express and I will receive in few days from either UK or goodridge factory in HK. if they don't have any in stock, they will have to make them and send them to HK and then to us. This will probably take 2 weeks.

I'm waiting on one member to answer my pm and once I receive his money ill order them straight away. people in Melbourne I know where u live so u can COD if u want.

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sounds good man.. thanks Kenshin for all his hard work..well done

now just order it LOL

who ever his waiting for ... please pay

Edited by stock
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email sent for final confirmation of ETA and status of goods ie: whether they are immediately available or need to be made from UK factory. once this is confirmed, i will pay them through paypal

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i recieved an email from them that i need to verify my details on the paypal account <_<

so i submitted a request to paypal to get that done for me once its done in 3-5 working days, i'll verify it straight away and we can get these kits to my door!

they have just confirmed that they have 5 sets ready in HK to ship and will ship immediately after they can verify my account in paypal


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