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86 Spare Wheel

Old Fella

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Hi there does anyone know if the 86 that will be coming in without a Spare Wheel will still have the Wheel Well with a cover fitted I will be doing a lot of long distance trips and would not think about it without a spare

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Welcome, the wheel well is there with a flat carpet/boot mat which means it can accommodate a space saver spare but with a full size spare you will the donut boot mat. Available on eBay but check out this link for 86Forums, 80% of that forum are QLD members , i'm sure you will find some assistance there,always selling/swapping spares and repair kits etc


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When I got my Gt 86 in October 2013, (in Maryboyough, Qld.) the dealer, Maryborough Toyota, organised for a full size spare and a raised floor mat to be fitted before I picked it up. (at extra cost). The extra is worth it. (i think it was about $400)

I am sure your dealer would do the same if you asked them.

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No space saver in the 86. Just a can of woooosh and a portable air compressor. Tell your dealer that you want a full size spare! He will help you get one as well as a raised floor mat.

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