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face lift CAI question


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hey pplz,

question for facelift owners-

Those of you with CAI, did u have to modify ur intake to make it fit? or was it a simple plug and play- if so, wat brands and how did u do it (ie wat did u have to mod)

i have heard from a few owners that have installed the Simota kit from Shift Performance that the foglight needed to be removed for the filter to fit or a modifcation to the end of the pipe.. wat exactly needed to be done?

..anyone with the TRD, AEM, Injen or other with any insights??

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Hi XploShun,

The picture u r using as ur avtar is a facelift corolla ..... if ur lights dont look like that then u have a pre facelift ....

if u really wanna be certain take a pic of the front of ur car and post it up



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My plan is simple! just slide the pipe down behind the fog light and infront of the plastic wheel cover.it sucks the air straight in or you can wriggle and wind it behind the lower grille.

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thats right i have a CAI in my facelift model

brand is shift performance

anyways i had to take my fog light out for it to fit

but i dont mind cus the air is DIRECT to the airpod so it works really well

anyways PM xoom he has a part number for a small extension pipe that bows the pod away from the fog light to elp it fit

but id rather have the fog light open

(but i miss having the foggies on it loks cool)

haha but i have plans for this



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but having an exhaust system makes a difference too

you gain more from your CAI if you already have an exhaust

also the other way around

if you have CAI then instal an exhaust then you get bigger gains from the exhaust

in other words they work better together

rather than on there own

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you can remove the foglight cover. very simple clips out. just put hte ducting from the cone filter down to where the fog light would be on the left.

of you just put it behind or behind any of the grilles if you know what you doing.

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Hi Guys just fitted a TRD Cai to my pre faced lift Runx Z and I do have fog light's as in my Avatar, I read the CAI Install guide in work shop forum and It said to use a Kand N Extreme Filter which I di A little smaller but fits with fog lights still in heaps of room for air and no major mods bar a new filter, The guy at toyota sold it on behalf and got more than what the K and N cost, And it works a treat rellyawesome!! and much torgue as well went for a drive to a place called Blenheim and we have a very hilly bendy road for the first half hour and it was so awesome aye

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thats good bro!!!

Well i might do some modifications to my bonnet a nice air intake on each side.

Like the supercharged camry at the Sydney motor show. that bonnet was smart!

what do u need bonnet vents for? just duct it to the front and save cutting up ur bonnet lol

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its part of making my car look hot! or il just get carbon fibre bonnet with vents!

I changed my corsa bonnet and it look very cool and played a part in cooling my turbo,intercooler, and forcing cool air into the CAI!

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