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knock from front right corner


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hi ive got a 2007 aurion atx, and i have noticed a loud knocking noise coming from the right front strut

area, and it knock on just about every bump in the road and its starting to **** me.

now its got pedders sports riders fitted (before i got the car) and i have checked things like bolts are tight and link pins are tight. and the are no split bushes

has any body eles had anything similar with there aurion and what did it turn out to be

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Best bet would be to take it to your local mechanic.

Try and find one that does a free inspection.

things that it could be.

-link pins

-sway bar D bush

-control arm ball joint

-strut top

-the strut itsself

and mechanic they has some idea of what he is doing should be able to work it out :-)

Or if you have some mechainical knolage they are quite easy to check for yourself :-)


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i was just out cleaning the car and checking over a few things before.

and since i have read a few things about the intermediate shaft knock, i thought i'd give it a shake and make sure it was tight,

and it wasn't, it has quite a lot movement in it plus it made the noise while i was jiggling it.

now my real question is, is this a known noise/ a recall/ warranty issue , Cause i have the car booked in at toyota to see if they can find the noise. i a really don't want to have to pay it fix it, if it left the factory like that.

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very old topic this one... But I have recently purchased a 2009 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and it also has a knock in the front end every time I go over a bump, I can also feel it through the steering wheel slightly and its starting to worry me.

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