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Coolant Maintenance and Check


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Interested to know what coolant system maintenance checks other forum members are doing.

I regularly check the coolant level and replace the coolant in the overflow bottle about every 6 months. I have bought ph test strips on eBay but have not used them on a regular basis.

Very interested in having the coolant system as efficient as possible particularly with the hot Summer days coming.

After reading the articles in the attached URLs, I am confident that the coolant is in good condition but planning to do a ph test soon.




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I do whatever the book tells me to do, ie: every 2 years or 45K kms I will flush & refill with the recommended factory coolant which is the Toyota LLC (red) for either ACV36 or MCV20R Camry in the family 50/50 LLC/distilled water. My 86 gets the premixed Toyota SLLC (blue) which has a VERY long life but have already dumped & filled it new when I added the oem WRX oil warmer/cooler.

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