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Roof lining issue.


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Hi all,

Our 2002 Avalon Grande has from about three months back developed an issue whereby the roof lining is deteriorating. The grey fabric is fine but the foam beneath it is becoming powdery. The car which was bought new has always been garaged (one owner) & other than a torn Sub woofer cone, due to the boot back pressure when closing, (poor design), the car has been faultless & has done less than 100,000Km & always parked where possible in the shade! The GPS DVD is one version prior to the latest.

We have now committed to a  new car (deposit paid) which will be available in March/April so the problem puts me in a quandary. The new car dealer (Mercedes) won't commit to a trade in valuation till a week before the new car is ready but they have "hinted" at an abysmal $500 up to $1,000 trade in. Except for the hassle we would rather give it to a friend hopefully for the quoted valuation since other than (the barely noticeable) roof lining issue the car is in excellent condition & has always been fully serviced. I for one really resent the paltry trade in especially when the new car is costing in excess of $121,000.

I'm somehow reluctant to pass the car onto a friend knowing the roof issue though I would most certainly point out the problem. Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated thanks! We also want to keep our existing plates - is that difficult?

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An uphosterer can repair it. 

Tell your dealer that you want to keep the plates and they can organise it.

They aren't worth much anymore regardless of condition. Dealers will give far less.

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If you or the next owner isn't too concerned about fashion then you can fix it for even less than that, just buy a box of thumbtacks from Spotlight and go to town.


To fix it properly you need to remove the headlining completely from the car (which'll involve removing A/B/C-pillar trims, dome light, grab handles, sunvisors etc, the hopefully squeezing it out a door without bending the backing, otherwise you might need to remove the front seats or even the windscreen - don't laugh, it HAS to happen on some cars), then remove the cloth and get the backing board sanded smooth to remove the old foam, then applying spray adhesive and a new piece of foam-backed cloth.  It happens on pretty much every car eventually, as has been said it is a combination of heat/time/UV degrading the glue and foam holding the cloth to the board, the foam then disintegrates in to the classic sticky "orange snow".

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I did my 2001 Camry Azura the other day, used about 1.25 cans of adhesive & about 2M of material. Total cost was about $80 ! The biggest cost was my time but all worth it. An upholsterer will charge b/w $200-$300 to do. Hit me up if you want more info.

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I have a 2003 VXi Mk 3. (One bellow the Grande) , lovely car to own and to drive. I also had a gradually worsening roof lining sagging. Took it to a 'work from home' upholsterer here in the Barossa Valley (S.A.)  Completlely relined with new lining material at a cost of just under $300.  Looks like brand new again.

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Hi all. I am also having trouble with my lining. My Avalon is gold and the lining color is sort of pigskin color. Trouble is in Darwin no one stocks it. I need 3 meyers of it.

My questions are

Where can i get the color code/name?

Does anyone know where down south i could purchase just 3 meters.


Thankyou in adv

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Just get a colour that's close which is what I did and it turned out fine as the headlining is separated by plastic trim panels & the rest.

I got mine from AFD - http://www.afdaustralia.com.au/headlining/

Can also look at http://vyfab.com/product-category/velour/headlining/  or  http://www.daleys.com.au/

Adhesive - https://www.autobarn.com.au/permatex-px-bs-hdlnr-adh-16-75-oz-ae-27828

I also slathered the metal roof with 12mm Acoustic Liner foam which is also an insulator to help reduce heat. Finished job came up a treat.




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