Transmission oil problem

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HI guys.

My vehicle is 2004 Toyota Camry Sportivo V6 ( 1MZ-FE ) Engine

Recently, I bought the Penrite full synthetic Transmission oil from Supercheap Auto

However, I ask the Penrite official website, they recommend I use semi - synthetic Transmission oil instead of full synthetic Transmission oil.

So I wonder will it be a problem I use full synthetic Transmission oil ?

or I need to do a refund to change the semi - synthetic Transmission oil?

I am so confused what is the difference of them

The user Manuel recommend we use DEXRON@ III OR DEXRON@ II for 1MZ-FE Engine while use the T - IV on 2AZ -FE Engine.

Hope you guys can help me! thanks

have a good day!


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It’s ATF FS.

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How many kms has your MCV36 Camry done & has it got a good service history?

I spoke to a tech @ Penrite on the phone 1.5 yrs ago re this exact predicament with my 2001 MCV20R with the same engine/tranny which then had 75K kms & a good service history. I asked if there was any reason not to use the ATF FS & he gladly replied absolutely not, he actually recommended it over any of their other fluids. Looking at the KV spec of this oil it's virtually identical to the MHP & the ideal DX III which is a dino as opposed to the man made FS.

As a result I have used ATF FS since then & it has been running just fine. My only concern has been the somewhat harsh change from 1st>2nd & vice-versa at times although this may have already been present but don't recall it initially when I acquired the car. I suspect it's either a tranny issue - possibly a valve solenoid or just typical of the A541E breed.

Have read that these trannies are sensitive to fluid changes/differences so I plan on doing another complete flush when it gets warmer to the DX-III I have in stock to see if that changes anything. I'm guessing nothing will come of it other than a complete oil change.

If you change your tranny fluid I would highly recommend you doing a complete flush plus filter change.

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I did a full ATM pan drop/filter change & fluid flush on Sat to my MCV20R Camry after doing 40K kms on the ATF FS, now using the slightly heavier Penrite DX III fluid & I'm already amazed the difference it has made to the smoothness of the shifts. Just to confirm was using Penrite ATF FS now using Penrite DX III:

ATF FS: KV@40C = 36  /  KV@100C = 7.4

DXIII: KV@40C = 38  /  KV@100C = 7.9

As you can see the difference in KV/oil weight is fairly minimal when cold but slightly more when hot but the difference in smoothness is very apparent. It's early days but it just goes to prove it doesn't take much deviation in oil weight to change the feel of a machine 😉

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