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2017 Aurion Sportivo vs 2016 Falcon XR6/G6E


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Hi guys 

I’ve posted this question on a couple of forums already but I’d like to get some opinions from the Toyota side of things. 


I currently drive a 2003 Mitsubishi Verada GTVi which is getting on in age and needs replacing. I’ve narrowed my options down to an Aurion Sportivo and an FGX Falcon.

I saw a lot of reviews citing vague steering, torque steer and other things. I ended up test driving a Sportivo GSV50 and it was the complete opposite. I loved it. 

I also tested a Falcon and I liked it for different reasons, but the overall package with the Aurion seems to be better 

I’m just wondering if there’s any people here that have maybe had experiences with either or both vehicles and can give me some insights? 


Cheers 🙂

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My 20 year old son has been driving a manual 2010 [?] Falcon XR6 for the past few years. Barra engine has a good reputation. He has spent some $$$ on various rear end related repairs, 

8 hours ago, VeradaMan said:

test driving a Sportivo GSV50 and it was the complete opposite. I loved it. 

I also tested a Falcon and I liked it for different reasons

Buy what really gets your heart stirring and not strain your wallet on an ongoing basis. About 3 years ago, I wanted to buy a manual vehicle for my boys to learn to drive for their license. Ended up going to look at a 1994 Honda Prelude VTi-R. Took one look and wanted that vehicle even if I had to pay full asking price; instant lust and no regrets. 

My personal preference has been Honda and Toyota for RELIABILITY.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. 

I really did like the Aurion but my gut is telling me not to give up on the Falcon yet. I’m aware of the diff bushings issue with the Ford but honestly I’m not too fussed. 

Im testing the Ford again on Monday and hopefully taking it for a more rigorous drive. And maybe I’ll take another Aurion Sportivo out. 

Reliability is key for me, as I want to avoid too many niggles but I also want a car that drives and handles really well. So we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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Just had a talk with a workmate who hails from the bush. He currently drives a Kluger but his preference is for rear wheel drive vehicles probably because he likes to drift the vehicle a little bit on dirt roads. My preference/driving experience is solidly front wheel drive and my bit of fun on urban roads is slow into corners then accelerate midway to "pull" the vehicle fast out.

49 minutes ago, VeradaMan said:

Reliability is key for me

Also include spare parts availability, dealer network and Manufacturer's Culture/ethics and customer support. The last item is quite critical to me and why I will NOT buy VW Group and HOLDEN. Plenty of other brands are also not on my "but their product" list.

Anyway whichever vehicle you decide to buy, definitely check the vehicle service history.

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Ok guys, so I’ve chosen to go with the 2017 Aurion Sportivo 😁


i had to test both cars extensively. I kinda did fall in love with the Aurion. It’s pretty versatile as a city and a hwy car, which is exactly what I needed. Also more pick up of the line than the Falcon, which felt a bit sluggish at times. 


Comes with 18 months of factory warranty left, less niggles and better reliability. So I guess my choice is made haha. 


Cheers guys  

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4 hours ago, matt36415 said:

Probably uses less fuel too

That’s a verified fact. 

My Verada gets 14.5L/100km around town. The Falcon isn’t that much of and improvement on that, while the Aurion offers a pretty significant reduction. 

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