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  1. Check out this thread mate. But essentially, it's just calipers, rotors and pads, and they just bolt onto wherever the stock Aurion setup was. Here's a pic of my Kluger brake and wheel setup on the Aurion:
  2. I will add that after purchasing a roll of this, you'll want to use this stuff to mount everything. Removes rather cleanly too, without requiring Goof Off or anything like that.
  3. I believe so, but to be honest I'm not sure about the technical details just off hand. I know that without any passengers or luggage the car sits about 1.5 cm higher than it did stock and that was enough to prevent any scrubbing with heavy passengers and luggage on all roads I've driven on since about mid last year, including the run from Sydney to Melbourne via Canberra and the Monaro Hwy and back via the Hume.
  4. I would assume about the same. I ended up installing some King Springs standard height springs to get rid of some slight scrubbing on undulating roads and sharp speed bumps when I had passengers in the rear, and it's been perfect since. The springs may need to be replaced over time to continue avoiding any scrubbing issues; hoping that's quite some time in the future though. Below is a pic so you can see the result. It does appear about 1 cm higher than stock without passengers or heavy cargo. I'm not keen on rolling the guards, so this is the best solution.
  5. Mate you can turn that into anything you like! It won't fit a full single DIN unit however as the side parts intrude on that space further back. If you're willing to do a bit of work with a Dremel and depending on how professional you want it to look there's lots of options. cya bye did a fantastic mod with putting a Scangauge there as seen in this thread. While I did a much less professional looking, but still decent I think, mod of putting a smaller than single DIN CB radio unit in there as seen in the below photo. Whatever ideas you come up with, be sure to share them here mate!
  6. No worries jaytee. This post by Bangtown gives a brief overview of how to remove the centre console. Yes you do need to remove the back part of the centre console to access the back of the lighter socket (i.e. the section between the A/C controls to just in front of the arm rest box). For the wiring, simply use the splice connectors with the thicker wiring on the cables leading to the lighter socket part. The thinner ones are only for powering the green LED light that illuminates the socket and the ash tray. The colours should match those on the USB port part. Hope this helps.
  7. These things are awesome! I did something similar for charging my phone as shown in this thread. They're fairly easy to install, and going by the pictures of the item on Ebay, I'd suggest just purchasing a bunch of splice connectors like these ones at Jaycar and finding a suitable source of 12 V power. With my setup in the linked thread (i.e. next to the side mirror controls) I used the splice connectors to hook them up lead that plugs into the back of the cigarette lighter socket. I've got a second one of the exact same kind intended for use by passengers in the centre console part (next to the aux 12 V socket) which is similarly connected using the splice connectors to the centre console part of the lead that powers the cigarette lighter socket.
  8. This set of photos includes the rather unfortunate dent on the driver's door resulting from an elderly driver reversing into my car some time ago.
  9. Get a Toyota PZQ60-00535 for GPS in an OEM unit that has the same dimensions. With a bit of wiring work it probably will work in your Camry. I'm fairly sure the wiring at the back of the stock GSV40R Aurion radio is the same as the older generation Camry. Here's how I got it working in my Aurion.
  10. Yep it is, and I used to think the ATX & Presara style chrome grille looked better, but over time I've grown the prefer the one on the Touring and Sportivo models more. In fact it looks better without the tacked-on-as-an-afterthought looking Sportivo body kit, I reckon.
  11. Completely agree mate. I've done the same, except for the glove box. Got any advice on getting to this light and if it's the same LED type as all the other interior lights?
  12. I forgot to add that the gear selection lever should be in the drive position and the handle unscrewed off before attempting to lift the main part of the centre console.
  13. Bangtown, I vaguely recall that being done with cellophane, yes? Just our luck that the stock console lighting is a relatively white-ish colour.