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  1. Even though I am an 'old geezer' I still appreciate the reserve power which is there on demand, compared to mediocre gas guzzling SUV's
  2. I sympathise with Ben Davis and the hassles he is having with his Aurion. As others have mentioned, perhaps it may be due to poor servicing by previous owner. I have now done 185K in my 2008 GSV40 Aurion with no trouble whatsoever. The vehicle is regularly serviced every 10K by a competent mechanic, and it runs as well as the day I purchased it. Granted there may be regular issues with some aspects of Aurions. However compared to the horror stories I read on other forums regarding reliability of Euro made vehicles (VW, Ford. M-B etc.) I am glad I made the choice I did.
  3. Thanks Paul for the link. This is all interesting stuff. I have only had this happen once (I left a door partly open overnight). However with modern motor vehicles having more electronic and computerised gizmos, my guess is that this situation will occur more frequently.
  4. You can always weigh items like wheels on a standard set of bathroom scales. First, weigh yourself in your standard clothing, and then again with a wheel in your hands. Take the scales to the garage if your wife objects to you bringing wlheels into the house.
  5. I have sometimes considered an upgrade from my current Aurion (2008 Touring) to a later model used GSV50R series Prodigy. However I have also contemplated a Honda Accord V6 (2012-2015) as an alternative. The Honda may cost a little more. Have any members had experience with direct comparison with these two makes? What do others think?
  6. I am no expert in these things, but if I was regularly reading numbers like that on the display, and also needing to fill after a short distance, i would be having all of the vital functons checked by a competent mechanic who has access to a proper test rig. Sounds like a fuel delivery malfunction to me.
  7. I understand that around 500+ TRD Aurions were produced. There seems to be a reasonable sprinkling of them for sale on Carsales and other vehicle sales websites. I am not sure how many TRD owners regularly check this forum. Best of luck with your search, although you are looking at a very specialised vehicle.
  8. I treat the fuel display and the estimated range with some caution. In my opinion they are very conservative, and even when everything first reads ‘empty’ there is still around 10 litres left in the tank. I regard these readings as a ‘guesstimate’ only and do not try to push my luck by travelling too far with everything reading ‘empty’
  9. whining noise

    I have driven my 2008 model for 130K over 6 years and never had any whirring noises. Mine is also so quiet that the motor is practically silent when stopped at the traffic lights. The only undue noise I hear is when the clips on that lightweight plastic tray under the engine give way, and it drags on the road!
  10. I am a satisfied Aurion owner who regularly contributes elsewhere in Toyota forums. I have a family member who is looking at a S/H Kluger as family transport for wife, 3 kids plus dog etc. etc. A used Kluger ticks most of the boxes except for the second row of seats. As previously described in this thread, the second row is really only suitable for two decent size persons, plus a ‘kiddy seat’ in the centre. This does not suit requirements, as three active kids sit in the second row. I understand that the latest model Kluger has modified the seat in the second row, and it is now OK. However late model Kluger is currently too expensive. Is there any sort of after-market second row seat option that may suit that can be fitted, in lieu of the standard seat? Comments appreciated.
  11. Saud, Welcome to the forum. Yes we are an intelligent bunch, as we have chosen Toyota Aurion as our preferred means of transport. Regarding your quiery, I have attached the relevant page from my owners manual (Australian made 2008 Aurion) which shows the preferred grade of engine oil for Australian conditions. This indicates that grades from 10W-30 to 20W-50 are recommended here for hot conditions. Another option which could be considered for hot conditions is an external after-market oil cooler and/or transmission cooler to further cool the oil(s) Others may care to also comment.
  12. Being an ex- scientist, I always look for the statistically designed experiment by an independent authority. There is a lot of ‘snake oil’ out there (not saying that Engine carbon clean is snake oil). Remember Peter Brock and the ‘HDT Engine Energy Polariser’? He swore by it. However it was independently tested by automotive engineers and proven to be useless.
  13. As with all of these ‘add-ons’ I would like to see some evaluation of the procedure by an independent authority. Whether it is by Choice magazine, NRMA, RACV, or other independent group. It would involve taking a sample of various cars, giving them a thorough check out of various engine parameters (power output, acceleration, fuel economy etc) by suitably qualified technicians. The cars would then receive the ‘treatment’ and all the parameters checked again. This would give an objective assessment whether the whole process is worthwhile. The testing could be done either on the road, or on a good static dynamometer. Analysis of the result would show whether it is all worthwhile. This sort of independent study is far better than anecdotal conclusions from a ‘before and after’ motorist. Has anyone done this?
  14. All, Thanks for the input. In some ways it looks to be a bit of a lottery whether you experience this problem or not. From now on I will be vigilant for this issue. I note from other forums and previous post that repair can be done through the bottom, rather than lifting the engine out. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.
  15. It is interesting that this subject re-appears after three years. Is the water pump issue a common one on Aurions? Does it also occur on other Toyotas with the same motor? (some Rav 4's) My Aurion now has 165K on the odo. with no real issues. I have the coolant changed regularly as part of the service, and maybe that is a plus. Let us hope that this is a rare problem, and not something as regular as auto transmissions in the Ford Focus or dual clutch gearbox in VW's.