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My poor rolla (3.5 months old)

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G'day guys.

I would never park on the street again and I would recommend everyone to keep your baby off the street.

My three and a half month old baby rolla (6000km only) has been badly scratched outside my friend's house at Doncaster East, VIC last night. The road is so wide and I wasn't blocking anyone at all. I have spent three hours at my friend's home for dinner and left there with three ugly KEY SCRATCHES on my poor rolla. I decided not to park on my friend's driveway in order to reduce the risk of bumper scuff, however, I shouldn't have taken the risk to park on the street either.

The scratches are 11cm, 70cm and 22cm long... Should I report to the police ? How much would that cost to repair it ? Thanks guys.

My poor rolla


22cm - Rear


70cm - Passenger Door


11cm - Driver door


Howcome so many people out there don't know how to respect the other's property. My poor rolla was DOORED at QV's carpark when it was less than one month old (under 1000km). I have parked very close to the wall already and there was more than a metre between my car and the other when I left. But it was still doored and scratched when I picked her up. Luckily my dealer helped me to buff it away when I had my first complimentary service. But I don't think the dealer would help me to fix this up this time.... *sigh*

I was planning to give her a shower today, this incident has ruined everything.... *sigh*

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oh :/ that really sucked!

looks deep too!

Report to the police and check your insurance paper to see if you can claim it

If not, find that idiot that did it then pour crap on their car (it's illegal to key cars but it's not illegal to pour $h1+ over it)

You seem to attract those nasty car idiots

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I have reported to the police and I have been told that there is really nothing much they could do about it. :/

My friend said it would cost me over 1g to fix this up and he told me to try something called "NuFinish Scratch Doctor" first. Has anyone tried that before?

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thats bad

i reckon people are so ignorant and screwed up sometimes. I have 2 experiences with my new rolla too. both in a carpark. Once i just parked and the guy got to his car which parked next to me and he just fully swings the door and doored me. i was like, what da ****. why do u have to swing it out so badly. there was plenty of room and you just wana to hit my car or what??

2nd time, parked in a carpark. was listening music in the car with a friend and this fat lady walks down after shopping. i duno why but she choose to walk down my driver side when she could pick any route to walk, and bang right into my side mirror. i then stared at her...she said ouch that hurts..oh duh.ofcourse it hurts..my car hurts too...over 250pound of force..almost snapped the mirror...***** me off real bad that one..

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Woah that's terrible. You didn't park over somebody's driveway or something? Probably just a random act of stupidity. It's usually people who have nothing that go around wrecking it for the people who have something.

PS: you should still give her a wash :P

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I have used Sctrach-X from Meguires with good results, but I'm not too sure if thats beyond even that. But $30 is worth a shot I guess

I am glad I haven't had my car done too badly that the Scratch-X hasn't fixed up. It reminds me of a long term test car Motor Mag had, was a BMW 3 series I think, and some ***** keyed it the whole way around the car. Every panel had a scratch in it, even the fuel filler lid. So a damn expensive respray from BMW later it was fixed, then was keyed again :rolleyes: .

My mate had "I (heart, someones initials)" on his quarter panel, of someone he didn't know :blink:

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most likely they dont have a car if they do they have some kind of sh!t box! hate fcukheads like this no fcuking respect at all! iam sorry, i just really hate people like that. hope they get caught some day doing this and get their eye balls keyed

really feel for ya man, hope u have insurance

all the best mate

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I feel fur u brother...that is bad.

I got my car a couple of weeks ago and it came with a small jar of touch up paint. Not sure if this is standard, but if you don't have it, maybe you can find someone in your area with the same colour as yours...

Not sure how much the excess is for the insurance but I don't think claiming it for this is the way to go. Might affect your rating etc.

Someday, these people will get what's coming to them :clap:

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Sorry to hear about this incident :(

I've been lucky to have not had my car keyed but I feel the pain even when there is a tiny 1cm dint so I can imagine something like this.

Hope everything goes well.

Boils my blood reading stories like these.

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Thanks guys. :rolleyes: I feel a lot better now.

I have given her a wash today and got a quotation from a body repair specialist. It cost me approximately $600 and 4 days(at least) to fix the scratches. I asked the specialist whether I could apply ScratchX on it, however, he said that the scratches are too deep this time and nothing could help. :( The 2 clear tapes on the bottom left hand corner of the rear passenger door need to be removed when he paints the door and luckily it only cost 30 bucks to buy a new set.

I would try to get a quote from other repairers tomorrow and hopefully I could get a better deal.

PS. When I touch her scars today, she yelled at me "you bloody idiot! you should never leave me on the street!". I found myself guilty, lol. :P

Good night guys.

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I have quoted at another repairer on my way to work this morning and guess what, the 2nd quotation is .......... *drum roll*.......... $1700 (non-insurance). :help:

He explained that he has to remove all the plastic items and re-paint the whole r-h side, otherwise I would have different colours on my rolla. <_<

Man, I could purchase a 1987 corolla with $1700... lol..

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