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How should i install front speakers on the brackets?


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Well soon im going to try and install Boston S60 splits 6.inch for my friend's corolla sedan.

I took some pictures of the speaker bracket. From what ive read so far, the stock speaker will be destroyed since its glued on?

Also i just drill out the rivets right?

Although looking at the bracket, im not sure how the new speakers will fit on since it doesn't seem to have any space for me to drill to allow the screws to attach the speaker to the bracket.

Can anyone here give me tips or directions here on what to do.





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I bought some mdf spacers from strathfield car radios and after giving the metal panel a good wipe with some methylated spirits, used liquid nails and glued them on. You will find that later down the track it will absorb moisture/water and that it will start to come off the panel. So what I did was paint it with some high gloss paint and give it a nice layer of sound deadening around the whole rim to protect it from water/moisture.

I'm not sure how people mount it existing brackets, although I've heard alot of people doing it. Would love to know...

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Ok peeps, done all of the above, The front speakers in my sportivo which will be the same brackets for all the Rollas '02 +. I put a screwdriver in there, and yanked the stock paper cone speaker out. The glue will be stretchy. I just tapped into the plastic bracket with my new speakers and they held on quite well.

Thats if you want to utilise the stock plastic bracket. BTW i used 6.5" Focal Splits.

If you want to make a more solid Mounting bracket from MDF, drill out the 3 rivets holding the plastic bracket to the door. Make the MDF ring to suit the size of the speaker, spray it with spraypaint so it doesnt soak in water.

DONT use LIQUID NAILS. I made MDF brackets for the rear doors to house 6" speakers (stock are 5.25") I put lots of liquid nails, clamped them into place and waited 1-2 days to dry rock hard. Was fine, mounted the speaker and all good.

3 months later, from the heat the glue loosened up and sagged which pulled the speaker and the ring down which caused the Speaker terminals to short against the car metal.

It WILL eventually sag. I ended up pulling it off, clean the surface again and applied ARALDITE Superglue (the 1 with 2 tubes and u mix them together) So far its holding.

So Thats what ide do. Or you can always put a screw through the MDF ring and into the car frame OR make the bottom mounting plate the same Mounting holes as the stock speaker bracket then make thicker rings ontop of that. So that you can put Nut and Bolt through stock speaker bracket holes.

Hope that helps. I got a pic of the rear speaker with Liquid nailed ring on this link.


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build my own brackets with mdf.


i traced around the original bracket on an mdf sheet, cut it with an electric saw and drilled holes where the original holes were.

i had already bought the mdf rings from autobarn so i just used woodglue to put both parts together.

simply bolted the new bracket on, and i still have my stock speakers just in case i have to put them back in! i drilled out the rivets to remove the stockies.. no other way of doing that part of the job.

sorry this isnt clear, but this is what the speakers looked like after i put them in place.


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gotta see what kinda shape they are in now.

im sure they havent been soaked, although ill never know unless i crack the door open again.

if its all dry, ill spray it with spraypaint... if not i gotta redo the job! :( no!

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LoL i custom made my outer bracket..

i use a 90 degree small alluminium piece and drilled a hole on both sides, and then screwed the piece on the the wooden bracket... damn.. but i stilll have to drill out those rivets such a pain

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Well my friend ended up taking it to the audio store for installation.

Took off the stock speaker and bracket. Then drilled 6.5inch MDF spacers into the door panel. That was all that was needed really. Although we should of told them to spray the MDF to prevent it absorbing water, but too lazy now to take it out. Friend just wants to enjoy the music now.

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