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About time I did this,

Name: Jason Nguyen

My ride is : 93" ST185R Celica Gt-Four (Australian Delivered Widebody Variant)

Built by Tristan Hewitt at WTF Autos.


Mid Night purple respray (originally white)

Full Veilside Bodykit

Momo Millennium steering wheel

Personlised plates "J TUNE"

Blacked out tail lights

17x7.5 +30 Racing Hart Tracer Type-C wheels

Clear cam cover

The Go Bits

ACL main bearings

ARP Main Studs

ARP Rod Bolts

ACL Rod bearings

ARP Head Studs

Blow of valve port bunged

Ross forged pistons [0.05mm oversized]

Cometic metal head gasket

Head reconditioned and ported

Extreme heavy duty cushion button clutch

JDM st185 gear box swap

Custom FMIC set up [2.5"] with a 600x400 SKRacing intercooler.

Custom 3" straight cold air intake mounted in guard

Turbo back exhaust: 3" Dump to 2.5" exhaust

Twin Cypher tips

Greddy Profec B SpecII boost controller [16psi]

Sard 800cc side feed injectors

Walbro 255LPH fuel pump

Ct20b turbo charger

Haltech Platinum 1000 ECU

And here are some pictures for those who haven't already seen her....






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haha one of the rides that is stuck in my mind from the meet.. and your viet too.. hi five!! haha but seriously nice ride..

I highly doubt u would remember which car was mine coz there was so many nice car that day..

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Thanks for the replies guys!!

Ddonggae: I'm with you on that one man, Been trying to save up for new rims but being a student and working part time, just doesn't work :(

1Rocky: I'm glad someone likes the rims because i cant stand them haha :D

and1: Yeah dude, HIGH 5!! haha. I didnt really get a good look around last mega meet since I was already 15mins late for work when i got to the first meet point :huh: Hopefully next time though bro :D

Added some more pics in the first post guys :)

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Hey, i spotted you driving down Joondalup Drive on Friday around lunch time. Showing off the HUGE intercooler of yours!!

Looks awesome!

Hahahahaha thats funni!!

I had to go to my friends place to get a dremmel to hack into my front bar because it no longer fitted, and being the only car i have, i had to drive it lol!!

lucky there were no pigs around :)

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sup ghood jase!

man, droo was telling me about ur massive FMIC...from the pics thats fuC*ing hugeeee

anyhoo be seeing u soon..... as droo wants to host pizza nite at urs in the next week or so :)

take it easy boss

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Update for everyone,

My turbo blew on the exhaust side just the other day, I was wondering why I wasnt hitting boost and also why my car was making this hideous howling noise, so....

We removed the dump pipe because we wanted to check if the waste gate was jammed open and there it was...... a turbine wheel with someof the fins missing :(

I've managed to source a second hand turbo of a friend for mates rates price which is handy, its currently getting installed as i type.

I'll post up some pics of the blown turbo soon

for the mean time, I've added a new pic of the front end with the front bar on.


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Hey guys, been a million years since i've last posted on these forums, Just an update since last august,

- My motor started knocking around October last year and since mid november I've replaced it with a second hand jdm motor.

- I also found a huge slice on my exhaust manifold shortly after i got the new engine in so i had to revert back to stock.

- Shortly after that the exhaust wheel went flying through my exhaust so I had to replace the turbo AGAIN!!!!

I'll post some pics when i have the chance.

But after all that, my car is running okay....for now that is lol. I've got a set of BC coilovers on the way to help get rid of my jelly suspension that i currently have. EXCITEMENT!!

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  • 1 year later...

Some new pictures after the rebuild and with the new Racing Harts on. First post has been edited with the new running gear in.





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