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My 03 Sportivo


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Hey guys and girls,

Got a bit bored this morning so decided to take a few random snaps since i haven't added my car into members rides.

Some things i have done are:


Whiteline Rear Sway

Whiteline Front Strut

Kind Super Lows

Rear Skirt - big thanks to Silly-Karr

Pivot Volt Stabilizer

Full Sound System

Custom Sub enclosure

Pretty sure i have left a few things out but thats all i can think of at the moment

Future mods - who knows

Hate it or Love it






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Thanks for the reply guys

JL ftw! Care to share your systems setup?

Audio gear in my car:

- Blaupunkt Breman deck

- MB Quart PVF Premium series splits (6.5 at front 5.25 rear)

- JL 300/4 - powering both pairs of splits

- JL 500/1 - powering my sub

- JL 12w6 inverted into custom box that goes into my spare tyre

- Dynamat Extreme all round with MDF wood covering service holes

- a big fat hole in my wallet :)

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Nice example.

Silver all round!

Any future mods you're interested in?

Future mods will have to be put off for a while now. insurance and credit cards haven't been nice to me lately.

Thinking of going the KYB shocks BKS has on his car.

Other future mods will possibly be Ported headers and aftermarket ecu, but that will be a lot later down the track.

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i spot twin tips out of the rear bar, reckon you missed something off the list

very nice indeed.


I am not going to list the twin tips because i am very annoyed at it

makes a very loud hissing sound when i reach 5k+ in revs

may be pretty pointless but im going to try and put some sound deadner (tar material) like in between the rims of the tips.

maybe its time for a new muffler... otherwise anything else i can try???

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finished exams, recently unemployed, got a little bored and did some random things to my car.

first up, slapped on my new tyres


Dunlop SP Sport 3000A 205/50/R16

These tyres are usually on the ford xr6's, snapped these up for a bargain as a tyre factory is closing down.

Absolutely love them as i had el-cheapo indonesian tyres that had really fat tread, but dissapeard within 15kz.

however i hear when these get hot, they ware down very quickly

Sprayed my engine cover the same colour as my car


Primmed, 3 layers of silver, gunmetal grey hobby paint for VVT-i and red nail polish for L and toyota emblem, 6 layers of clear coat.

guess my car could have done with some rice. and it killed time for me

my daily personal cheer squad whilst doing DIY's to my car


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The silver colour-coded honeycomb grill looks awesome. I might get mine colour coded silver when I get the TRD grill painted too. Then I will have a grill for every occasion. :P

Cheers, Gav.

haha i have a stock levin one lying around too, sometimes i put it on just for a bit of a change

feels like too much silver some times :)

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i like what you have done with the engine colour :) i think i might just paint the L and toyota side red and leave the rest :)

you cant really see it because of the angle but the rest of the letters are in gun metal gray

nothing has flaked off as of yet thank god

love the car man.

im flying to melbourne from syd to check out a white 03 model eheh.

i hope all goes well! he wants 14k with 50k kms on the clock.and its fairly stockish

Thanks mate good luck with it 14k sounds dirty cheap

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