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Track Day Equipment: Race Harness


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Hello all,

I've been investigating a few options with regards to race harnesses for track days....As opposed to invest in a bucket seat, I have chosen this path as:

1. A harness will stop you from smashing your head on the steering wheel / B pillar in a spin.

2. A harness is quick to install/ remove

3. A harness can add driver core stability during corner entry/ exit/ braking. i.e. You dont' have to hold onto the side of the car to stay in your seat.


Here are one of many options available:

6 Point Autotechnica $250 +


6 Point Willians $250 +


4 Point OMP $250 +


4 Point Sparco $200 +


Ebay spec: $45.00


...Not sure if these will be approved by CAMS / Track day officials?? Or ADR Approved?

Any recommendations, reviews and comments are much appreciated. A 4 point Harness would be a minimum requirement.

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Be aware that from next year a 5 point harness is the minimum for a CAMS event.

I have a couple of the MONZA ones, but they are about to go out of date. :(

Thanks for the pick up. I guess we'll be going 5 point harness then. Better Safe than sorry...might as well go 6 point harness as well.

Also, apparently the harness straps are meant to be mounted horizontal?

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Do you have a roll cage?

In the event that you roll the car, a harness will effectively keep you upright with more rigidity. If the roof collapses, so will your neck. A fractured skull is better than a broken neck.

They're really only designed to be used in conjunction with fixed back bucket seats and a roll cage.

It also won't be as effective without a proper seat, where as a seat is still somewhat effective without the harness, just more expensive.

Also, with the rear straps horizontal, you're stock seats are more likely to collapse with the increased pressure, rendering airbags useless.

I used to use a removable 4 point, but was still a pain in the **** to implement, and was only worthwhile with proper seats.

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Don't waste your time with 4 point or 2" wide shoulder straps. You have to remember you're buying safety equipment, spend how much you think your worth. For example my helmet cost $800 ;)

I'm not an inspector so can't say for certain, but some of those just look dodgy. There are certain angles the straps have to be mounted between or else the force of the crash can be transferred down your spine. Also the straps need to be able to stay on your shoulders without slipping up to your neck or slipping off and thus being useless.

This document from CAMS will explain everything; http://www.camsmanual.com.au/pdf/general/0...dule_I_Q408.pdf

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