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My Wife's Rolla


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hey all,

well after sometime I have finally got my wife's rolla about 90% complete to the way we wanted it to look.

Current work/mods done are:

- Lowered all round

- Custom exhaust (Diff back)

- 17inch Works Style Cai's

- all dints and scratches fixed

- modded headlights

- semi de-badged body

- dark tinted windows

- slightly modded/altered front bar

- red super light weight racing wheel nuts

Work left:

- HIDs

- replace driving lights with a similar glow to the HID headlights

- some vinyl decals

Ill be taking some pics soon so I will post them up.


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okay...did a quick wash and some pics. need to get some in the night too to show a different side to the Levin but these will do for now:










BTW: will be putting the Levin up for sale soon. its just a tad too small with a baby as the boot is not usable once the pram is in. but only selling for the right price. So...if interested PM me.

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Wow, awesome job! I really like the "Levin SX" detail inside the headlight. The S15 Silvia have a similar theme on their headlights. The colour-coded bottom guard at the front really completes the front. A cheaper alternative to getting a front lip, well done!

@KevO: The black headlight surround on a black ZRE might be too black.. black headlights on a lighter colour (i.e. this 1C0 silver) is where it really shines! :)

Anyhow, welcome to the Work Emotion CR KAI owners club. ;)

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Looks sick as!!! Very clean look! :toast:

Headlights definitely make the car stand out from the crowd! Maybe Kev0 and shin0bi should do the black headlight mod too... hint hint :P

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cheers guys. yeah it wasnt cheap doing the headlight mod but certainly worth it.

I agree...i think dark colour cars might not look that great as lighter colours but i could be wrong.

Yeah I guess, it might not be so 'in-your-face' on a darker car..

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