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Hey guys, have my parents car for a week while they're on holidays and I've got some spare time. At the moment I'm just going to knock up a catback exhaust system and a cold air intake, has anybody actually done and performance mods on them before?

I think it's a 2004 model, know it has a 2AZ in it.

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Well, seeing as nobody has actually done one before I thought I'd jump right into it.

Cut it after the second cat, 2.25" press-bent (doesn't matter, no bends bigger than 30 degrees in it) system with a 15" resonator and a offset-centre straight-through muffler out the back. Still nice and quiet (slightly louder than factory), but much deeper. Also seems to want to rev more now, could be from losing a bit of weight from removing that stupid factory rear muffler and also that it flows significantly more. Only real problem with doing it was I had to make an extra mount to stop any sideways movement, I enlarged a hole that was in the rear diff housing and put a bolt/nut through there - seemed to work quite well indeed.

I can get pics/clips if anybody is interested.

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