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New to forum ^_^

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First post ever...Along with my car. :P

I bought the car about 3 months ago. 140kmh is the highest I have pushed it and I love how there is no car rattling, it is a very smooth ride.

I had a quick run off the lights against a VE Sv6 and beat it. The guy did not look happy. lol

Any person out there who says aurions are s*** need to get there heads checked... these cars, are classy, sporty, luxurious, reliable, family car all in one. Definitely a good buy.

Anyway here are some photos: :D





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Welcome to the Club mate..

Daryl where are you going driving at 245 or testing the speedo?? hahahah..

I was presented with an opportunity (legal of course :ph34r:) and wanted to see what the speed limiter was. It does in fact limit at 250 as per the speedo but was showing 245 on the GPS which was about right at the time. Strangest feeling hitting the limiter. Was like gliding on a cloud.

*** I do not suggest trying this. I take no responsibility for your actions should you choose to travel this fast.

That said, I can safely say that I don't really ever want to go there again in my car. Once is enough. 220km/h on the other hand is another story.

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How long did it take between Sydney and Canberra again DJ? :lol:

BTW Welcome mate!!

I loath sx6s on the road lol. But talking about that sort of stuff here is somewhat sacrilegious (frowned upon) having said that just wait until you smoke a r32. :lol:

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How long did it take between Sydney and Canberra again DJ? :lol:

Just take the distance between Sydney and Canberra and divide it by 220 give and take... that should be how long it takes Daryl to reach there.. hahahaha..

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Another Newby To the forum thought i'd post pics of my new aurion 1 week old 19's installed and tinted windows debadged the rear end Pedders Camber bolts and Super pro bushes.




I'm loving it

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