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toughts on cv

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05 stivo

driver side outer cv leaking, first noticed a week ogo, slight grease inside wheel area, its a weekend car, only do about 100km a week if that, your thoughts if i should just replace the boot and repack it with fresh grease, or get a reco shaft ? will it cost more since its driver side it being longer? also estimate on reco??

also for the stivo owners out there, how is your car going anyways? are you's happy with it as i am with mine? my friends love lift, the gf still doesnt know what it is but she knows the sound lol

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Not sure of the full range they do, I just saw them advertised and did a little more research as I've always used the traditional boot kits. http://www.toyota.com.au/parts-and-service.../spill-boot-kit

That's about the smartest product I've seen on the market since somebody started doing oil filters with a nut welded onto the top.

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I had 2 of those boot spits replaced on my GF's sportivo, keeps spliting and only my GF drives the car. Although this time its been left a bit long so need to rebuild the CV.

If anyone know where i can a change over shaft in vic please let me know, they only seem to have em for the normal corolla not the sportivo (ZZE123).

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Agreed^^^..Split boots are horrible. Such a pain in the ***** to fit and you can't clean the joint out properly.

If you havent noticed a clicking type noise on full lock, then i'd recommend just replacing the boot. The boots themselves are pretty cheap. Around $10-$20 non-gen. And usually an hour labour to pull the shaft out, dismantle, clean, replace the boot and grease then throw it back together. Definately not necessary to replace the shaft unless you're experiencing the dreaded clicking noise.


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any competent mechanic can change a CV boot. its not rocket science!!!> Those split boots are terrible. I've tried them at work.

Just to double check, but I vaguely remember you telling me the boots are different between the Sportivo and the Celica?

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I'm not sure what the conditions are to promote a split boot but I haven't had one *touch wood* !!!! :lol:

Also a 03 rolla with 85,000KMs on the clock or thereabouts and I wouldn't say I drive like a granny too. I love my corners!

:toast: :toast: :toast:

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I'm not sure what the conditions are to promote a split boot but I haven't had one *touch wood* !!!! :lol:

No Guni.... a split boot is a type of CV boot that allows you to change it without taking anything off your car. The idea seems good in theory, but doesn't appear to work so great apparently.

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