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Show us your cleaning supplies.

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I was bored and thought that my cleaning supplies needed a big organise. Also considering I just spent $150 at supercheap auto yesterday on more supplies I decided to organise my stuff. Then I thought hey, great photo opportunity while taking everything off the shelf. So here it is:




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ha ha ha nice collection of cleaning products there. I use the same meguirs ultimate wash, same chamois, polishes and wash mitt.

Love the ultimate wash and wax :) The smell is awesome, same as the results :)

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Lets see... (l to r)

- ArmorAll Wash and Wax 5L

- 2x Meguiars NXT Wash 710ml

- 6x Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax

- 2x Meguiars Hot Rims

- 1x Mothers Foaming all wheel and tyre cleaner

- 1x Australian Export tyre shine

- 1x Poorboys wheel sealant

- 1x Meguiars Hot Shine tyre spray

- 1x Meguiars Hot shine endurance gel

- 1x Meguiars NXT metal polish

- 1x Poorboys Black Hole glaze

- 1x Mothers Step 2 sealer and glaze

- 1x AutoGlym Extra Gloss Protection

- 1x Poorboys EX-P

- 2x AutoGlym Super Resin Polish

- 1x Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax

- 1x Meguiars ScratchX

- 1x Meguiars Ultimate Compound

- 1x Poorboys Natty's Blue liquid wax

- 1x Poorboys Natty's Blue paste wax

- 1x Meguiars Gold Class liquid wax

- 1x Meguiars M26 Liquid wax (4L)

- 1x Meguiars NXT liquid wax

- 1x Meguiars M26 paste wax

- 1x TurtleWax Hard Shell wax

- 1x Mothers Leather conditioner

- 1x Meguiars Final Inspection (4l)

- 1x Mothers Plastic polish

- 1x Meguiars PlastX

- 1x SCA interior protectant

- 1x Mothers natural shine protectant

- 1x ArmorAll protectant

- 1x Meguiars Final Inspection (4l)

- 1x Mothers Showtime

- 1x RainX windscreen additive

- 1x RainX FogX

- 1x Turtlewax bug and tar remover

- 1x ArmorAll Carpet and upholstery cleaner

Not pictured:

- Cleaning accessories (mitts, 20 odd foam applicators, 15 odd Meguiars SS MF towels, some other random MF towels)

- Bowdens Own Agent Orange + Auto Body Wax

- Mothers Step 3 Liquid wax

- Mothers Spray Wax

- Meguiars Fine Cut and Medium Cut polishes

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What clothes does everyone use for washing brand name or just what is available

I'm usually wearing my work clothes when I wash my car. Noohing brand name.

For my cleaning cloths however, I use Kenco products. Only exception is my wax buffing cloth an drying towel. I use a premium Meguiar's microfibre buffing cloth for them.

Edit: Damn, you beat me Andrew.

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Hahas, hello kitty :3 that's cute, I'm guessing they use that to clean those brembos, in the hot hatch thread, ;)


O.O at Andrews list, in the photo it didn't seem much till you listed it, :P

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To avoid getting my clothes wet, I always wash my cars in the nude. Isn't that how everyone else does it?

Normally it's pics or it never happened,but this time we believe you :D

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You people are hardcore. I only use the snow foam and Duragloss cleaning pack, shampoo + paint sealant + quick detailer; oh and the Nanolex Urban glass cleaner + sealant. Protection first since my car is parked outside 24/7.

What do you guys use to protect the interior seat fabric and plastic trim/rubber?

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