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Angel eyes x 2 DRL's & Devil eyes update

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EDIT Cleaned my posts this thread up abit as it was getting a bit off track with 2 different mods going on at once. I will restart another thread later for the Mk 3 lights.

Not really as DIY as the first ones i did, but still not stockers!

These arrived in the post this morn from china, around 60 bux for the set, These are BMW 130mm and need a lil work to get them to fit proper into the Aurion Head Light.



These run a bunch of close placed SMD type leds, I went for these as i dont like the uneven look of the ones with the big gaps between the LEDS,

They loose a factory look about them.

Even tho these have closer spacing you can still see up close the gaps. This will suit the daytime running lights that will also be included.


The previous set of DIY eyes were held in place with Glue... this was messy and showed.

I copied this idea of using wire to hold the rings in place.

First thing split the angel eyes.








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Holes are copied to the headlight and wires feed though and are either tied off of melted into the plastic.






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Thanks heaps guys :)

I might do it today Vic :)

Was working on this little side project, Thinking might just bung the new angel eyes in the way they are, and spend the next coupla months working on this idea and add the new diffised look ones to the new project.

It's very crude, need a lotta filing and some filling & 2 more slots, this will be the new sequential blinker.


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That looks amazing Luke..

But If I were you, I'd start from say, the aftermarket headlights.

Nevertheless, this will also be a unique one too. Will keep an eye on this build.

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Prolly ganna take me the best of 2 months to get through this Vic, and i want to start on my bonnet asap :)

Need some angel eyes on the car to get me by in the meen time :)

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Off on another tangent soz guys,

Ive decided to maybe add some daytime running lights , The idea is a drill holes along the base line of the light, Cut some LED circut board to size and add LED's'

Rather then have the holes with LED's crudely poking through i'll try and add some diffused plex.

Hope these shots give you guys a proper idea of what im trying to do. I'll have the LED's "tick up" on the inside edge kinda like Lexus ones.

For the second set of headlights, i'll change these to maybe sequential blinkers.


This shows roughly the spacing, about 8-9mm per led, works out to be about 40 on each side.


The Lens diffuser .


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Oh Luke.. Real Jealous of ur headlights.. Might even surpass the aftermarket headlights... Better get serious on this. Might mean business, not limited to Aussie. :)

Oh soz mate missed your call today. And too late too to call back. I'll shoot u a text tomorrow.

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Cheers Vic, getting pretty confident with opening and re sealing of the lights now. Practice makes perfect :)

Testing out the devil eyes,

Might need to add some internal reflecting.... the camera struggles to take a decent piccy due to the brightness of the angel eyes.

some new toys in the post this morn, All red and white eyes.






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Pitty your not in syd jeffy, always liked the look of those Camry lights would look awsome modded!

Here's a sneaky look @ what the Driving lights will kinda look like. Just a quick mock up so i can get an idea of the over all look.


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Few last shots before some shut eye, testing with the Devil Eye. These will run on a separate switch to the Angel and Daytime running lights.






I really like this look best!


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You could actually run some orange LED's between the whites for sequential indicator, white DRL/parker drops out when indicators run, then after a second or two after indication finishes, whites back on ^_^

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Cheers Pete, that controller is awesome! very nice find, I'm Dead keen just to get this part done and back into the car.

The controllers will be for other set of lights and for the side mirror for sexy blinker action!

While Working on the old tail lights as well with Red angel eyes.

This stuff is alotta fun i gotta say. Seeing what the guys are doing OS it's deff trend setting.

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Some cool goodies arrived today in the mail,

My chaser relays !

Hooked them up to the near final versions of the Daytime running lights for a bit of fun :)

Cant wait to get em hooked up to some blinkers.

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Pitty your not in syd jeffy, always liked the look of those Camry lights would look awsome modded!

challenged accepted . now give me 1 month to save up LOL

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