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overfill engine oil


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1cm shouldn't really cause a problem. i've done it before. but i've got a 1,8L engine. yaris have a 1.3L in the povo spec and 1,5L in the higher range. so the ratio to overfilling by 1cm would be different. if you're that worried just drain abit out of the sump and away you go... when i overfilled it, i had to drain it out and put it back in. also check if your driveway is on an angle, might not look as bad as it is. but going by what u said: 1L overfill is quite a lot on a yaris engine.

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Take it back to the workshop and get them to do it, make sure you check the oi level correctly though, like kenshin said make sure its on a straight surface and not uphill/downhill

I dunno if or how much problem the extra oil will cause, but why leave it like that when you know its a problem

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i've just recently done a service on my yaris. i definitely used more than 4L of oil, probably around the vicinity of 4.5L.. I'll check this tomorrow.

either way, it should be fine.

note: method of filling was fill, check, fill, check, run engine, check, fill, check, run engine, check.

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