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Defyant 7th Gen Celica Tail Lights


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Yeah... looks a lil funny here without any on the left hand side. But still a good style/colour. What vinyl spray are you using and how does the finish compare to plastidip as its rubber v vinyl?

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Hmm maybe I could make it even by plastidipping the airbag section on the left side of the dash hahaha.

I'll go down to the garage later. I need to spray it one more coat, but I'll probably take some photos and show you. It's a fire red vinyl. Comes out well. Obviously the downside is that you can't peel it off. But seeing as I like them in red rather than chrome, I'm ok to spray them with vinyl spray. That and plastidip just doesn't work well on them.

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I. Really liking this shape silly car man. Didn't really notice them until yours but now that I see them I can't stop staring

Do they make a turbo or twin ;)

Very nice ride man look forward to what's next

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Haha nah mate, only NA. The previous Celicas came in AWD turbo.

This has the 2zzge. 1.8 VVTL-i. Lift baby ;)

I think since I got the front lip put on and the eye lids, I give Rebz a good run for his money, in terms of looking mean :p


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