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Knocks & Womps.

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Hi all, new member and Aurion owner here.

I have just picked up an 2006 SX6 Aurion with 109,000 km's and have a couple of questions.

Firstly, at slow speeds over small bumps, I hear a small knock in the LHR suspension. It doesn't do it at speed, or over larger bumps. Any ideas?

Secondly, and excuse my description, I can hear a womp womp noise. It starts at around 10kph and gets faster until around 40kph then disappears. I think it's coming from the rear.....???

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The womp-womp noise is quite possibly scalloped tyres, caused by a number of different things.

Basically means the tyre is no longer round, and has some flat spots on it.

A tyre place will be able to confirm this.

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Does the aurion have top strut mounts on the rear, like most cars have on the front?

I have just had a crawl under the back end and all bushes appear like new. No signs of leaking oil on the struts, but the slight knocking makes it sound like a taxi with heaps of km's.....

The womp noise may be the tyres as they are low on tread, and the particular tyre I suspect its coming from does have a small slice in the side wall, but why would it go away at only 40-50 kph.

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The knock might be ...http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/23623-aurion-intermediate-shaft-spline/

The tyre noise leaving at higher speeds might have something to do with change of shape with centrifugal forces???

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Funnily enough my left hand rear shock absorber has a leak in it. Not a major leak. Just when fluid escapes and gets that layer of moist but dry dust. Have u checked yours for leaks? Mine makes a sort of clacking noise when going over small bumps at low speeds.

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