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Mitchell's red GTS 86 Aero


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Recently got a new GTS 86 Aero with manual trans.

Its a real joy to drive! Not really sure what mods to do just yet, but over time wheels, suspension, exhaust and perhaps something in the power department!.

Still have the Camry, bit hard to part with the old girl, so she is semi retired now :P








Cheers, Mitchell

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Thanks Jeff! Never said I was going to part out the Camry, besides it wouldn't be worth the hassle, especially since i don't have any of the stock parts.

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Hi Guys,

Long time no post, thought I would put a little update to my 86, Love it more all the time! done a few mods, nothing ground breaking, just chipping away slowly.

So far:

AIR086 (AERO86) Plates

3D printed front slim line number plate brackets

35% tint

Visual Garage Shark fin

3D Rubber floor mats

Plasti dip Toyota badges

OEM (UK) Center console lid

LED white dome light

LED red foot well lights

LED Number plate lights

6000K HID head lights (high & low beam in one)

White LED fog light bulbs

Painted Red brake calipers

MCA Blue Adjustable coiovers

Cusco front Strut brace

Perrin Panel filter

Grimspeed bonnet struts

Spare wheel and rubber boot liner (In place of puncher repair kit)

And of course an obsession of keeping it clean and shiny :P

Got some new wheels coming in a month or so...








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Congrats on the tasteful mods and super cleanliness of the car.. Very tidy..

Like you I have just picked up a spare wheel and in the process of ordering the raised rubber liner ,lock bolt/plate. Have you bought these too? Reasonably cheap but the other mat which sits under the rubber one is way too pricey. have you bought it or cut the original ? Or just haven't bothered?

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Thanks juvenile! :)

Yeah I brought the rubber liner, bold/plate and foam insert. I was going to cut the original mat, but decided not to worry as you don't see it, and doesn't really do anything under the rubber one anyway.

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My new Work Emotion Kiwami in 18X8.5 wrapped in 225/40 Rear 18X9.5 wrapped in 245/35 (Yokohama Advan V105)

Mcgaurd Spline drive nuts; red caps, Genuine work red center caps.






Thanks for looking, Mitchell.

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